A lie gets halfway around the world…

Writing a rapid response in the British Medical Journal in September, I showed how hollow the claim about the safety and efficacy of the H1N1 vaccines was. 

Now readers can see how accurate those predictions were. “We are being told that this new fast tracked, poorly tested vaccine is very safe and effective. The results of the testing on this vaccine were reported in the New England Journal of Medicine. It is instructive to learn that the tests for safety and to assess complications lasted only 7 days after the vaccine, an incredibly short period of follow-up. Gullian Barre paralysis, a dangerous and crippling neurological condition, can occur even months after a vaccine as can seizures, behavioral problems and neurodevelopmental disorders in children. It is interesting to note that the authors of the safety study for our swine flu vaccine were all employees of the maker of the vaccine CSL Biotherapeutics and eight held equity interest in the company.  This admission is part of the disclosure policy of the New England Journal of Medicine. It is always important to keep in mind when you hear about this vaccine being safe and produced just like the seasonal flu vaccine — What else do they not know about this vaccine that they will discover months, years or even decades later. Once injected with the vaccine and you develop a complication there will be little that can be done to treat the life-long degenerative disorder it produces. ”

To cap it, now comes the bombshell from Denmark which bares it all.  Katrina Megget, a journalist, writing in the Pharma Times of the 2nd December 2009, has this to say under the title Swine ?Flu labeled a conspiracy. “The swine flu pandemic has been named as the “most ambitious scam and corruption of our time” after pharma has been found to be in bed with the World Health Organisation.  Journalists from Denmark have reported links between the World Health Organisation and pharmaceutical companies where firms have been covertly paying top WHO scientists. In the meantime, pharma profits from flu drugs have soared.

The journalists from the newspaper Information claim the public and political hysteria to swine flu is a result of an efficient public relations campaign, spearheaded by the WHO experts that have been prejudiced by pharma?s ready cash.”

She goes on: “The lead target in the allegations is Dutch doctor Albert Ostenhaus, who has promoted the need for vaccinations through the WHO and the media and headed a panel that advised the WHO to announce that swine flu had reached pandemic level. Reports claim Ostenhaus is paid by several vaccine manufacturers and the Netherlands government is believed to be investigating his activities. Other WHO advisors are understood to also advise big pharma and have been allegedly concealing their pharma-funded salaries. Meanwhile, further questions have been raised about the WHO?s independence over the H1N1 flu virus after various documents found medicines and vaccinations were mentioned more than 40 times while traditional hand washing and the use of masks to combat the disease were only mentioned twice. The pharma industry is expected to make between seven and 10 billion Euros in 2009 from the sales of swine flu related drugs, according to JP Morgan.”

“One of the extraordinary features of this influenza – and the whole influenza saga – is that there are some people who make predictions year after year, and they get worse and worse. None of them so far have come about, and these people are still there making these predictions. For example, what happened with the bird flu, which was supposed to kill us all? Nothing. But that doesn?t stop these people from always making their predictions. Sometimes you get the feeling that there is a whole industry almost waiting for a pandemic to occur,” said Jefferson. Jefferson states that pharmaceutical companies have built a machine around the impending pandemic and are already cashing in. “And there?s a lot of money involved, and influence, and careers, and entire institutions! And all it took was one of these influenza viruses to mutate to start the machine grinding,” writes Tom Jefferson, in the German news Spiegel Online.

Now I understand why my articles and blogs get rejected. I seem to think ahead of times! Telling the truth could be sacrilege. It was Winston Churchill who said what the title of this article says. I wonder whom to believe in this world? The very people who are supposed to protect our health seem to be helping the money bags to make money by disease mongering and selling dangerous drugs and vaccines!

Our politicians and the government Babus could be easily swayed by these powers. The greatest culprit is the media, especially the electronic media, that gives scary news round the clock making some people die of sheer fear! Reporting disease related news must be a serious responsibility!!  Now even the Cochrane committee in Britain, which is supposed to be the watch dog for medical research findings, has been caught on the wrong foot with their “scientists” agreeing to “some” mistakes in their anxiety to sell the disease Swine ?Flu as also its vaccine and drugs. They do not seem to have solid evidence to say what they have earlier said was based on irrefutable evidence. Time has come for the medical profession to be more vigilant than just getting on to the drugs and vaccines bandwagon. We need to search our conscience.

None of the deaths, proclaimed by the media and even the Government of India, attributed to Swine ?Flu, did undergo scientific scrutiny. A viral disease can not be confirmed by just seeing the virus concerned in the throat swab using an untested rRT-PCR test invented by the same drug company that has the world wide selling rights for the drug. The test has not been authenticated by an independent body, either. We need antibody titres at least twice during the course of the viral disease, once at the height of infection and once more after recovery or at least serial titres to show if there is rising or falling titre. No patient did undergo these titres. How on earth could one swear that the deaths were due to swine ?flu? I, for one, would think that they were due to many unknown causes; we have failed to establish the cause.  Could this whole Swine ?Flu saga be just a bleep on the radar? Let us learn some good lessons for the future. The whole science of vaccinations protecting mankind against diseases needs to be reevaluated in view of a recent PhD thesis in Australia which has cast serious doubts on the whole foundation of vaccine protection. That is for another occasion, but our powers that be need to do some soul searching right now. Readers could scientific references for the above facts from my article in the British Medical Journal on the same subject on the 12th December 2009.

MD, FRCP, FRCPE, FRCPG, FRCPI, FACC, FAMS, is editor-in-chief of The Journal of the Science of Healing Outcomes; chairman, State Health Society?s Expert Committee, Govt. of Bihar, India, Visiting Prof. Cardiology at The Middlesex Hospital Medical School – University of London, Affiliate Prof. of Human Health – Northern Colorado University, Visiting Prof. Indian Institute of Advanced Studies – Shimla,  Retd.  Vice Chancellor, MAHE University – Manipal. Prof Hedge regularly gives talks on AIR, Doordarshan, BBC and Zee TV, London. 

Author: Dr. B. M. Hegde- India