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A Miracle!

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India?s most busiest city Mumbai, has created colorful stories day by day.  Many have carved their fortunes. I know one of the D?souza families who are living at Mahim. Rosario D?souza and Mary D?souza have high reputation and respect in the locality. They have only one son Derik who is brilliant since his childhood, a wellknown singer as well.  He has won many state level competitions and loved by all especially Dorin who liked him more than anybody else did. Dorin is a charming beautiful lady. They have been classmates and as well as choir mates.  Usually Derik leads the church choir and Dorin gives the Voice.

Derik had completed his C.A. exams and secured first rank. He had an offer from one of the companies in U.S. It was 10 Aug. 1986 when he became 22 years of old and in the same month left to U.S. to take up the job as assistant to the financial manager.

Derik has been a successful man and was lucky to have everything. Good education, reputation and friends circle until one day when his medical reports showed that he was HIV positive! He was shocked and the whole world became a gloom to him. He couldn?t face his parents and friends.  He lost his job and he flew back to India.

Any one can forget a person but not the mother, as his mother hugged him and gave him courage. She said, “Son you have committed sin, but God?s mercy is unending he will forgive you. You are still my loving son as before.” When Dorin came to know about Derik, she willingly came to take care of him. She said, “I still love you, Derik. No matter what.” Derik said, “No Dorin, I am no more your Derik. My life has ended in this world, you have whole life in front of you. You will get an eligible man and can lead a happy life, so please forget me. I do not want you to ruin your life because of me. I have no choice, only thing I can do is recite rosary, all my days, I will commit to prayer that is the only one thing I can do”.

God?s mercy is unending he will forgive you..

Mr. Rosario had assests worth of millions which he thought would be of no use after his son’s death as there was no one in the family to inherit his property. So he decided to change the direction of living and thought of using his wealth, assets, reputation, influence and knowledge to a common goal – for the cause of serving people. He invested his money into business and opened a factory to create employment for the unemployed and he invested all his money. He joined hands with reputed companies and he created job opportunities for thousands of people.  He donated money, he did all social work he could do,  He spent his time to the service of people and he found peace in it.

Rohan was a good friend of Derik. “Derik You had many friends, you could have expressed your desire. It may have caused you to lose your respect or you would have been gossiped, it would have been better than you had used some control methods. How you could commit such a silly mistake that has caused your life this heavy punishment for which grave is the only end”. Derik had the answer for Rohan, he said “It is all because of high respect, reputation and fear good boys rule. I couldn?t express my desires to any one and I wanted to taste the desire. Before i left for U.S. I had visited a call girl at Anderi and there lies my fault and now I have become the victim. I have decided to commit my life to prayers, I recite the rosary nothing else can I do.”

It was August 30th, 2000 all were ready to accept the death of Derik and they knew he will be no more. Sorrows filled whole church and with all family members specially Dorin. Derik in his prayer prayed Mother Mary, “take my life, but bless Dorin with a good man and her life to be prosperous” Suddenly to his surprise he heard a voice whispering in his conscience. Derik you sing at my feast on 8th of sept. Derik had no answer since doctors had told that he would not survive after 30th of Aug. But he did not die and the doctors reexamined him and to their surprise they found him HIV -ve, they were dumbfounded and had no answer how it had happened. It was a miracle… all were delighted and Derik was the choirmaster for the feast of mother Mary.

Author: Henry Lewis- Kuwait

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