A NO-n-SENSE LOCKDOWN! Apart from People, even ‘Coronavirus’ is Confused with New Timings?

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A NO-n-SENSE LOCKDOWN! Apart from People, even ‘Coronavirus’ is Confused with New Timings?

Mangaluru: Seems like people have to keep their fingers crossed as to what timings or changes could be coming during the 14-day lockdown- and already we have seen the shopping timings and what kinds of shops have to open during the lockdown twice. This is a NO-n-SENSE LOCKDOWN put together by netas who are nothing but hooked on stupidity. Do you think extending the morning shopping hours for essentials from 6 am to 12 noon (a day ago it was 6 am-10 am) can bring a change and lower the spike in cases. Absolutely NOT! On Friday we saw 1205 cases, and on Saturday 900 plus cases in Dakshina Kannada after the lockdown started. And on Sunday, 996 cases and one death. Do you think that during these six days already out of 14-days of lockdown has shown any good results? You are the answer.

On Saturday, May 1. as per new guidelines from the government which started on Sunday, May 2, in order to avoid overcrowding, weekly markets have been banned and hopcoms, milk booths, pushcarts selling vegetables and fruits are allowed from 6.00 am till 6.00 pm. APMC and grocery shops are allowed to stay open from 6.00 am till 12 noon. Strict instructions were issued and sellers were told not to sell products above the market prices. But Sunday saw a mad rush like never before, with people storming shops as if there could be a Full Lockdown tomorrow or the world is going to end. Kadri market was like a jathra/fair, where shoppers were gathered in groups. Even the shop owners didn’t bother to advise the people to follow rules, since they were busy looking for quick bucks from quick sales. Traffic chaos was at its peak, with congestion everywhere as people came out to do their shopping before the closing time. Kankanady market was packed, and all kinds of shops were open, from essential to NON-ESSENTIAL?

Hardly anyone was following social distance and not many were wearing face masks, and there were no officials nor police to check on these violations, whatsoever. On Sunday, 2 May the police at the check posts have slapped fines of Rs 250 each on 410 persons for not wearing masks; seized 66 two-wheelers and 4 four-wheelers; booked 12 Karnataka Epidemic diseases Act cases and 15 National Disaster Management Act cases. If such is the case, what good is to have a lockdown if people don’t adhere to the rules, and officials give a damn about it. This lockdown is nothing but a joke, where people are allowed to roam freely for few hours, and then go home. Even the ‘Coronavirus’ might be confused as to what is going on with the timings every now and then. I guess our netas know the exact timings of the Coronavirus when it starts and when it’s not attacking human beings?

This poorly planned lockdown won’t save us from coronavirus but will kill the economy With typically shoddy execution, this 14-day lockdown could starve people to death— and not even save them from the coronavirus. And we are already seeing hundreds of homeless being fed by NGO’s like the CAUSE Foundation, White Doves, among others. This lockdown will definitely go a long way in reducing the transmission of the deadly virus. But what happens after 14 days? The virus won’t disappear after that. We have been in a mess already. India, including our Karnataka state, could have avoided the need for this lockdown, had it done what other countries are doing: testing, testing, testing- and providing the right treatment and medicine.

This lockdown should thus be seen as buying time to create a massive testing infrastructure so that even asymptomatic people could be tested and quarantined. That’s the only way to manage the coronavirus pandemic until vaccines are fully available to administer en masse. We need fast testing, cheap testing, easily available testing — and a well laid out mechanism to quarantine a person the moment he/she is found positive, without letting him/her infect others, including medical staff and family members.

You have to be really naive to believe India’s official numbers of coronavirus patients — and then there are those who have died of sudden pneumonia without being tested or counted as coronavirus deaths. The lack of widespread testing, as well as the lack of PPEs (personal protective equipment) for doctors, is a scandal. Look at the shortage of vaccines, oxygen etc that DK is facing at the moment- this lockdown is nothing but to hide the failures and mistakes of our state government. Sadly, the evidence so far suggests that Yediyurappa’s government does not have the capacity to think through the details of planning and execution.

The deliverable is not how many people clanged pots and pans or how many obediently followed Modi’s advice of staying indoors. The deliverable is how many people got tested, how many doctors have protective gear, how many ventilators the government managed to manufacture or buy overnight. Another deliverable is isolation centres, temporary hospitals in the indoor stadium and quarantine facilities that are fit for human beings. Our PM does not have the patience or the interest to deliver on these nitty-gritty details, he’s probably working on his next grandiose ‘address to the nation’ to be applauded for his oratory. He has already left the tough things to state governments and focused on the right optics to sustain his political ratings through a tough period. And it seems like our CM Yediyurappa has obeyed his majesty’s order?

At this rate, more people might die of hunger than of coronavirus. More people may die due to the shortage of vaccines, oxygen, ICU beds etc. Our government’s poor administrative skills, zero attention span for details, and preference for oratory over governance spell disaster for this crisis. In a few days, we might find ourselves overwhelmed with an epidemic in defiance of official numbers, while the economy might start looking like the 1980s.

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  1. Absolutely right Alfie .You have brought out the stark reality.At this rate looks like we are all “doomed” thanks to our stupidity and irresponsibility .

  2. Even most developed countries with abundant resources have gone through similar or worst situation than this, so it is now the turn of India (temporary). No country in the world is prepared to face such a health disaster in advance. Govts are compelled to find temporary solutions. Pandemics come once in a century but in multiple waves.

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