A Promise To Her Dad, Nayana Fernandes Authors ‘Cooking With Love’ filled with Mangalorean Recipes

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A Promise To Her Dad, Nayana Fernandes Authors ‘ With Love from Vincy Britto’s Kitchen/Cooking with Love’ -a Collection of Traditional Mangalorean Recipes. It is a perfect tribute to her dad Late Vincent Gregory Britto, who loved to cook, took pride in it and did it to perfection. His food was a reflection of his life. ” And Britto’s Recipe For Life was ‘ A Pinch of Spice; A spoonful of Discipline; A pint of Forgiveness; A measure full of Kindness; A cup full of Playfulness; and a whole lot of humour”, said his daughter Nayana Rose Fernandes.

Mangaluru: Like it is said, “A father is a son’s first hero and a daughter’s first love”, The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life. The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life. Daughters naturally crave connection with their fathers, and they especially cherish emotional and physical affection from their fathers. In fact, when girls and dads have a stronger connection, daughters do better in life on different levels. While most children share a special bond with their parents, the relationship between a father and his daughter is a truly special one. The unconditional love Dad feels the day his daughter is born can be seen through his smiles and tears, marking the beginning of a strong bond that lasts a lifetime.

Although Dakshina Kannada may be somewhat absent from the tourism map of exotic destinations, Mangaluru is at the confluence of some of India’s best beaches, flowing rivers and lush vegetation, with the addition of noteworthy architectural creations, and spiritual destinations. Best of all, nested on the Konkan coast between Kerala and Goa with influences from either as well as the contributing fares of the five different communities living in peaceful harmony, the ensuing cuisine is an unpolished culinary diamond. And now the recipes have been preserved in a new cookbook.

The author, Nayana Fernandes, a devoted mother and wife is always a source of unending positive vibes and energy who looks after the well-being of man and beast without reservation. Her dedication and contributions to a multitude of non-profit organisations, educational institutions, and social causes are legendary. “Cooking With Love” is not just a cookbook, but a journey through Mangalorean recipes such as her father recreated and reinvented them. With unfailing flair, Nayana has managed to present the traditional cuisine in a hands-on and very approachable way. Enjoy the narrative and not least, the delicious results of the easy-to-follow recipes as you journey through this magnificent collection.


After the death of a loved one, some families make quilts from their loved one’s clothes. Other families compile memory books. But here we have a daughter with great love and a promise she had made, who has brought out a COOKBOOK, in memory of her dad, who was a good cook and loved to cook. Nayana did something different for her family; she made a memory cookbook, and there was so much love added to the cookbook that Nayana wanted to share it with her family, relatives and friends. Fathers and daughters who spend time together build a foundation of trust and support. They learn more about each other and their respective experiences. And ultimately, they have fun and make memories that last a lifetime. And this a perfect example of a daughter and father connection and relationship”.

“Cooking With Love” was launched at Fernandes’ home, “Ferndale”, Kankanady on the 4th of December 2022 by the Chief Guests, Police Commissioner N Shashi Kumar IPS, MLA U T Khader and Venkatesan Dhattareyan, Regional Director, India Tourism along with principals of the leading catering colleges of DK. Speaking on the occasion chief guest N Shashi Kumar said, “I have been a guest for many book launching ceremonies, but looking at the guests here it looks like there is a strong connection and support to Nayana Fernandes from her relatives and friends. And what a perfect way to show love and tribute to her dad who was a great cook with a cookbook.

MLA U T Khader speaking said, “Being a neighbour of Nayana for years, I have seen the bond between her and her dad. Following in her father’s footsteps, who was a master cook, it is through this journey that Nayana has explored the rich, diverse, and lesser-known culinary histories of Mangalorean traditional cuisine which she writes about in her cookbook, which has lots of recipes. I am very positive that many of you who have gathered here will support by buying the book, and going home and cooking something unique which Nayana has incorporated in her cookbook”.

Venkatesan Dhattareyan, Regional Director, India Tourism also speaking on the occasion encouraged people to explore and try something new. He said, “The future of the tourism sector in India is positive. A more buoyant market, together with the continued commitment by governments to promote destinations and implement measures will surely further assist in the development of the sector in the future.”

Speaking to Team Mangalorean Nayana Rose Fernandes said, “Britto as my dad was popularly known, was a Mangalorean to the core. He held the beauty of nurturing, loving, enduring and caring. He loved cooking and took pride in it and did it to perfection. His determination was his cornerstone. His food was a reflection of his life. He chose never to leave his home not for gain, not for fame. He bore the pain and kept sane. He was fearless, he loved his land. He created magic with his hands. Necessity pushed him to the edge. But he never stayed away from his pledge. For him, cooking was therapeutic, when cooking all his problems seemed to fade away. He was never done with food. He would indulge, explore and keep learning the art of cooking”.

“This substantial body of work is dedicated to the uniqueness of my loving father Vincent Gregory Britto and validates his life and beliefs. This book is truly a labour of love. It has taken my most sincere endeavours to pursue dad’s enthusiasm and uphold the traditions of our Britto household. The recipes in this book have been carefully selected and are easy to follow after dwelling on our changing times. With this cookbook in hand, one can savour the Britto flavour and the Britto spirit. Good food plays an important part in our lives. Mangaloreans share a huge interest in food, and most families hold great pride in recipes and preserve their culinary heritage with a passion. It was always a heartwarming feast and Mangalorean sunshine in the Britto household”, added Nayana.

She further said, “Cooking gave my dad immense joy, it gave him comfort and made him happy. He believed in the wholeness of a warm meal. He was versatile and worked hard. It was his way of expressing himself and was continuously looking to be inspired. He put his love and energy into a complete sense of satisfaction. His cooking was celebrated in happy madness. Hope my cookbook will be more confident and explore your cooking potential, trusting your palate to be your surest guide”.

On a final note, about the cookbook- ” With Love from Vincy Britto’s Kitchen/Cooking with Love’, Nayana Fernandes has put in her fullest efforts by compiling all the recipes her dad found, created, tweaked and used throughout his life, to provide a table laden with food for nourishment, festivity and entertainment for his family and friends. No doubt this is certainly a memory cookbook filled with favourite recipes, tips, anecdotes and personalized elements that will keep the memory of Vincy Britto alive for his family and all those who were lucky enough to try his finger-licking goodness.

This is not just a promise of a daughter to her father, it’s an ode to an amazing dad. And for those who had an opportunity to dine with the Britto family, this cookbook will certainly keep Vincent Britto’s memory alive and for those who missed dining at Britto’s home, this book by Nayana with authentic and traditional recipes will serve an insight into Vincy’s culinary passion. Enjoy the narrative and not least, the result of the easy-to-follow recipes as you journey through this magnificent collection. Buy the BOOK, and Start to COOK! Bon Appetit.

Prayers to invoke God’s blessings prior to the launching of the book ceremony were done by Nayana’s two sons, and the ceremony was meticulously and eloquently compered with a pinch of wit by Nayana’s sister Sabrina Britto Hougaard.

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