A Quick Guide to Poker Variations

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A Quick Guide to Poker Variations

Poker is one of the most popular card games on the planet, but most people don’t realise how many variations there are. Some poker pros might go their whole careers only focusing on one style, while others might choose to master many. Let’s take a quick look at some of the most popular poker styles you could play.

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Texas Hold’em

If you think of poker, the variation you are most likely picturing is Texas Hold’em. This is one of the classic styles of poker and it will often be the first that someone chooses to pick up. You are dealt a two-card hand and then, using five community cards that are revealed over several rounds, you have to make the best five-card hand possible.

The skill here comes from being able to outwit opponents. You want to bluff and make them think that you have a far better hand than you might actually do. As the community cards are revealed, you will have the opportunity to make fresh bets, and many use these as an opportunity to trick the other players at the table.

Teen Patti

Teen Patti is a style of poker that originated in India, but you can now find it being played all over South Asia and beyond. It is also a very popular online game, with sites such as teenpattirules.vip offering information for players who want to play this style of poker over the internet.

This poker game is a 3-card variation. One of the most interesting parts of Teen Patti is whether you choose to keep your hand blind or seen. Choosing to look at your cards means that you will have to bet double what the blind players are. However, you can also ask to see the cards of another seen player to find out if your hand can beat them. There are some fascinating rules in this variation, and it is definitely worth trying.


Omaha is one of the most popular variations of poker other than Texas Hold’em. You will usually find it available to play in many of the places that also offer Texas Hold’em, including at some of the biggest poker tournaments worldwide like the WSOP.

In this game, you are dealt four cards and you must use two of them, plus three of the five community cards dealt on the table, to create the best five-card hand. This is a game that you will often find offering a hi-low split or another type of variation.

These are just three of the many styles of poker out there, and anyone who wants to learn more about the game should research the variations fully to find one that suits them. The three mentioned above are excellent starting points, but they are very much just the tip of the iceberg. Try to find some videos of the pros playing your preferred variation of poker too – there is nothing quite like watching the very best players try their hands at a game!

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