A Total Blunder by MSCL! A WEIRD Deviation Removed after Trolls on Social Media

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A Total Blunder by Mangaluru Smart City Ltd (MSCL)! A WEIRD Deviation Removed after Trolls went Viral on Social Media, and also on Electronic and Print Media

Mangaluru: This BLUNDER is not new for Mangaluru Smart City Ltd (MSCL), because earlier when an unscientific parking space which was constructed near Ladies Club on Light House Hill (LHH) Road was removed after Team Mangalorean highlighted the safety hazard and unscientific planning of those parking spaces, and also trolls went viral on social media on the same issue.

Even though the work on LHH road had begun a couple of years ago, until now it has not been fully completed, instead we are seeing digging every now and then when a SMART engineer from MSCL comes up with his goofy plans- and the results will be the same. The general public will start complaining about the wrong planning, and next is history. Meantime, motorists and pedestrians who are facing the brunt of the slow work on this road are fuming and cursing the authorities and contractors behind this project.

WEIRD Deviation Constructed BEFORE……

Now that the LHHH Road has been dug/cut starting from Dr Ambedkar Circle/Jyothi Circle side towards Tagore Park, it will be a long long time before they once again finish the work in due time, and this has been the case in the past and we are seeing it again, and will also see it in future too? During peak hours, chaos and traffic jams are created due to such redoing or digging/cutting of roads, and it’s a total mess out there during peak hours. You won’t even believe ever since this entire stretch was concretized, it has dug/cut numerous times, and it will never end.


This shows how intelligent and smart our engineers are in our Smart City. We the Citizens will pay more tax because we want our Smart City and our City planners RICHER..do watch the show, folks! In this regard does anyone from the MSCL or MCC care about all the hardships and inconveniences caused to the commuters due to their carelessness? Probably Not. Absolutely a Shame that we name this a Smart City.

After the first blunder of unscientific parking space, a couple of days ago, MSCL workers had constructed a weird deviation opposite Bank of Baroda/near Mahila Sabha, right before the free right exit- and this is one of the most unscientific planning ever done by anyone. With a bunch of trolls posted on social media, and also on print and electronic media, the concerned MSCL officials have removed the structure. What a waste of money! Every educated person and person with common sense, whom Team Mangalorean interacted with, said that the deviation was nothing but senseless and absolutely a dumb idea.

These are some of the comments that the Citizens of Mangaluru “Ridiculous design! The MSCL team should be awarded the Bharat Ratna for civil engineering!”; “The entire design for the stretch of Lighthouse Hill Road is flawed. First the pavements from Jyothi to St. Aloysius College; then the unscientific car parking near Mangalore Ladies Club; the space allotted for Bus Stop near St. Aloysius College is in a mess; a small garden near the Bus Stop is completely removed. Drinking water pipes and sewage water are mixed into the Rainwater Stormwater Drainage line near KK Shetty statue (opp. Central Library); and now the parking bay near Left Turn lane. Total nonsense!”.

“These issues were taken up with the Corporator in our Ward Committee. Corporator Vinayaraj says that Smart City work doesn’t come under control/action plan, but he can suggest. But on submission of a complaint letter, he accepted it & said he will visit the site with Er Arun Prabha, the GM (Technical) at MSCL”; “The free right turn is unscientific…turning radius is inadequate and narrow”; “Is there a mechanism to realize the rectification costs from the supervising team & the officials of the MSCL?”; “Some corrupt interests have taken the city for ransom by risking the lives of motorists with faulty designs”; “People of the city only can decide what they want and how they want, else this will be *Gotham* and no *Batman* will come to rescue this city”; “This is pathetic planning. Need to take severe action against these engineers. Do they even know how to design the city?”

Safety of Pedestrians Neglected! No Barricades around the Construction Zone

And just look at the safety of the pedestrians- one portion of the road is dug so deep, there are no barricades erected along the construction work. During heavy traffic, chances are someone could fall into the deep pit, and get severely injured or face death.

WIDER Footpaths-Do We Really Need Them when Hardly Anyone Uses them on this Side of the Road?

They are also constructing wider footpaths on the LHH road which also makes no sense since hardly anyone walks on this road, other than on the right side footpath starting from Jyothi Circle towards St Aloysius College-where a large number of students take that path. If you look at the footpath on this side of the road it is narrow compared to the new ones built on the opposite side. Oh well!

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