A True Love from Mom to Daughter! Mom’s Initiative Helps Visually Impaired Daughter Clear PUC Exams

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A True Love from Mom to Daughter! Mom’s Initiative Helps Visually Impaired Daughter Clear PUC Exams with 391 marks (first class) in the arts stream.

Mangaluru: Real love should not break under any circumstances. So it can only be called love if it never breaks. That is the test of love. However, whatever love there is which is of any worth, it is the love of a mother. There is no love greater than a mother’s love, and no sacrifice comparable to a mother’s sacrifice. And this saying has come true between a mother and daughter, where Shruti J Shetty, a visually impaired PU student of Kittel Memorial PU College, Gorigudda, cleared her examination with 391 marks (first class) in the arts stream, through a unique initiative taken by her mother, Ms Chandrakala Shetty. You don’t need eyes to dream, and certainly not to make those dreams come true!

Shruti, the resident of Kottara, has a twin brother, Shrutik Shetty, who also cleared PU in commerce along with her. Shruti was born premature and visually impaired. Shruti’s mother, Chandrakala Shetty, an SSLC pass-out, learnt that it would be difficult for her daughter to grasp what is being taught in the class due to her deformity. Therefore, she would go with her to college every day, and sit outside the classroom, while her daughter was inside. She would listen to classes from outside the room and jot down lessons. Later, she taught her daughter.

Speaking to Team Mangalorean Ms Chandrakala said “My daughter somehow managed to clear her SSLC with the help of scribes. However, I was aware that it would not be a cakewalk for her when in PUC. Therefore, every day, my husband, Jagannath Shetty, an auto driver, would drop Shruti and me off at the college. While she sat inside, I would sit in the corridor and jot down the lessons of each class. I used to carry an additional set of textbooks. Later, I would come home and take classes based on whatever I grasped in the classes. It was the same routine for two years, and we returned together after the classes. Besides, I used to make use of classes uploaded online. Shruti’s twin brother helped her study economics, which was only a common subject,”.

On the achievement of Shruti, her mother (Chandrakala) is overwhelmed and happy that her hard work has brought success to her daughter. “I am thankful to the college management who helped us a lot in Shruti’s studies and also cooperated with us,” added Chandrakala. Though mother and daughter had made enough preparations for the exam, they had a tough time arranging scribes. “We were tense since there were no scribes available to help Shruti in her examination. Finally, a first PU student, Sinchana, came to our rescue, a few days before the exam,” said Chandrakala, adding that they are thinking about whether to continue Shruti’s further education since it is hard to find scribes.

Besides, Chandrakala and Jagannath have hope that their daughter will get her vision back. “The doctors have told me Shruti will be able to see the world when she grows up. We are thinking of dropping a year and continuing medication,” added Chandrakala. No doubt that Shruthi has shown that where there is a will, there truly can be no impediments. She attributed her success to her mother. It was not an easy path for Shruti to clear the exam as she did face obstacles but was able to surpass them with support from her mother. She said that her mom used to record the contents of the book and that helped her in making notes.

Overwhelmed and overjoyed with the calls and messages that have been pouring in, she and her mom are very happy with the result. Shruti wishes to work for the differently abled and aims to remove the stigma and society’s perspective towards disabled people.

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