A Unique Fun & Thanksgiving ‘Family Welfare Day’ Celebrated by District Prison Officials

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A Unique Fun & Thanksgiving ‘Family Welfare Day’ was Celebrated by Officials of the District Prison, Mangaluru in association with Karnataka Government; Prison & Welfare Services Department; and Karnataka State Industrial Security Force (KSISF); and Officials and Staff of the District Prison, at the Prison open-air ground.

Mangaluru: It was a day when the officials and staff at the District Prison in Mangalore enjoyed their fullest extent by forgetting all their worries and tensions, and the hectic job they had to handle and take care of the hundreds of men and women prisoners lodged in the jail. The credit should go to the Superintendent in charge of the District Prison B T Obleshappa, who took great interest along with the help of his prison staff in organizing this unique: Family welfare Day’, to give a break to the stressful work of the staff at the prison and make them happy. Without a doubt, the prison job is stressful. However, if you look at it, any job is stressful. It’s how you manage the stress that matters. And that’s exactly what the hundreds of District Prison staff in Mangaluru are doing.

No matter how good you are as a prison officer or staff, you will face lots of hassles, fights, untoward incidents etc while at work, so I guess it all depends on how you deal with the extreme stressors or even people threatening your family or you. But these prison staff have been doing a great job in handling the inmates, no matter how stressful and hard their duties are- and programmes like these will surely get rid of their tension, and worries and enjoy a few hours among their family members and friends. They all had fun joining with their family and friends at the Family Welfare Day, and such kind of events never happen constantly, but the initiative taken by their boss B T Obleshappa did bring miles of smiles to them, their kith and kin joined in the celebration.

The chief guest for the occasion was Hon Judge B B Jakati-the 3rd Additional District Sessions Judge, Mangaluru, joined by Ms Sandhaya S-the 4th Additional District Sessions Judge, Mangaluru; Ms Laxmi G M-the 2nd Additional Senior C Judge, CI & the CJM, Mangaluru among others namely- Rajendra Kopadi-the Assistant Superintendent at Prison; Subhesh-the KSFSI Inspector; Murgesh K- Lawyer; Basappa Maloor- father of a prison official and Shambhu S Honal- the jailor.

Following the welcome address by jailor Vijay Kumar, the annual report was read by assistant SP Rajendra Kopadi. The programme was inaugurated by watering a sapling for the chief guest and other dignitaries on the dais. In his inaugural address chief guest Hon Judge B B Jakati-the 3rd Additional District Sessions Judge, Mangaluru said, ” It is nice to note that the authorities and staff of this prison had joined together in pitching the funds to organize this programme since no funds are allotted by the government for such events. This event is so unique that the prison officials get a chance to have some fun and frolic with their family and friends, thereby forgetting all the hectic job stress”.

” Interactions with inmates are a major source of stress for prison officers. Given the conflicting nature of this relationship, violent behaviours towards prison officers are not uncommon, posing a threat to their psychological well-being. The role that the strategies prison officers use to regulate inmates’ emotions have on the frequency of inmates’ violent behaviour and the presence of post-traumatic stress symptoms in prison officers needs to be appreciated. The development of interpersonal emotional regulation skills by prison officers can contribute to improvements in the quality of their relationships with inmates and enhance the well-being of all involved, reducing the risk of negative interactive cycles for both actors. We need to commend the good work that the prison officials do in taking care and handling the prison inmates under the able guidance and leadership of Prison Superintendent B T Obleshappa” added the chief guest.

Guest of honour Hon Judge Ms Sandhya S also spoke on the occasion, and complimented the prison officials for their dedicated and committed work, despite stress and hardships. She said about the advantages of opening the prison to the community and bringing in a greater connection between NGOs and correctional Institutions. She stated that such interventions would enhance the well-being of the prison officers which in turn can enhance the well-being of Prison inmates.

On the occasion volunteers of various organizations who have played a vital role in communicating and making a difference in the lives of the prisoners were felicitated, among whom were Prof Edmund Frank of St Aloysius College, Mangaluru Ms Sarik Ankitha and Ms Vineetha, both of School of Social Work, Roshni Nilaya. Five prison officials who got married recently were also felicitated. Four prison officials who had received the Chief Minister’s Award for their good work were also honoured on the occasion. The vote of thanks was proposed by Prison Warden Praveen B, and the programme was compered by prison officer Subramanya. A variety of cultural events including dance, songs etc followed the formal programme, ending with a sumptuous dinner.

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