A Wish for Mom on MOTHER’S DAY!

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A Wish for Mom on MOTHER’S DAY!

Mangaluru: We nieces always wish her for Mother’s Day. We give her a tight hug and in jest, thank her for taking care of our Uncle as he pretends to be one of us kids. Better yet, she’s always in cahoots with us as we attempt to prank him and infuriate him to no end! We cherish her, for being nurturing and affectionate towards us through thoughtful nicknames, biryani and dessert!

My aunt in Bengaluru makes up the guest room with nothing short of a mint on my pillow when I go to visit. She keeps a load of filter coffee ready to slurp on and has Chinese food on speed dial. Her nieces she has supported in times of grave turmoil and her grand nieces and nephews, she spoils silly!

A family friend tried to conceive for years till she was blessed with a baby girl through adoption. The miracle of life was brought to her through a child who looks so alike that the nosy rosies of society wouldn’t dare to treat her differently. Mother and daughter share a bond that is arguably greater than any family genes.

The Author, Miss Trisha Lara D’souza with her Mom, Ms Lolita D’souza

We typically look at the title of the day and wish those who fit the bill. There is absolutely nothing wrong in doing so. But with a mindful heart I wish for an extended number of women for Mother’s Day. A mother is defined as the maker of memories, a woman who loves unconditionally, one who is greatly admired. So here’s to the women who love children as their own. To the women who take care of their friends and relatives in times of sickness and grief. To the women who dedicate their lives to many children under the roofs of group homes, ashrams and health facilities.

We dedicate this day to you, dear mothers, who have children in need of medical attention. They consider you to be the center of their world. To the mothers who have lost their own, your kids seek your happiness from their heavenly abode. To the mothers who struggle to make ends meet, they wish to give you all you deserve and more.

To the mothers who ask you to look both ways before you cross the street, who make the most delicious kori sukka or mutton gravy or the greatest comfort food in the form of daal, rice and pickle.

As for me, I still snivel when I feel a fever setting in or when the day goes so bad that she’s your one stop therapist and dumping ground for all ridiculous talk! At the risk of activating that lie detector that to them is just plain sixth sense, I blab all I can and heave a sigh of relief and she nods her head whether she truly agrees to or not.

Lastly, in a world that has roped in unrealistic expectations for motherhood, here’s to the mothers who prioritize their mental health and well-being. As a child, it is important to see their mother hale and hearty as opposed to overworked and weary. Personally and professionally, our society is growing to see mothers thrive. To not be misjudged for leaving their child home and building a career. To the mothers who rest, recharge and teach their kids to do the same.

Dear Mom, Mai, Mummy, Amma. Dear Aunty, Maami, Ma’am, Akka. We wish you Happy Mother’s Day. We wish you health and happiness, inspiration and courage. Cheers to YOU!

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  1. Long live the Mothers. May each and every mother be blessed with good health.

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