‘Aatidonji Dina’ by ‘SCENT’ was an Overwhelming Historic Feast of Tuulunadu in Dubai

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‘Aatidonji Dina’ by ‘SCENT’ was an Overwhelming Historic Feast of Tuulunadu in Dubai

UAE: SCENT (Sandhya Creations Event Network Team) in association with Fortune Plaza Hotel (A Praveen Shetty Enterprise) concluded the first ever ‘Aatidonji Dina’ cultural programme in Fortune Plaza Hotel, Al Ghusais on the 14th of August, 2022 which was an overwhelming crowd of more than 1500 Tuluvas from across the UAE flocked into the event venue to create a festive mood after a long time and became a historic event for the first time to see the uncontrollable audience rushing inside the premises and enjoying five hours of the event just rapping, eating and dancing throughout. The entry, food, prizes and entertainment were absolutely free for everyone which was never done earlier. This scene was a new concept and never seen in any of the Tuluva events ever in the history of events in UAE.

The programme as scheduled started sharp at 10 am with the traditional drums inviting and welcoming the Guests of Honour, the true representatives of the three faiths of India; Hindu, Muslim and Christian; showcasing communal harmony on one platform on the soil of UAE a country and the leaders who have proven record of religious tolerance in this part of the world.

With due respect and honour, ‘SCENT’ welcomed Pujya Shri Bahushrut Swami – BAPS Hindu Mandir. He is an Electrical Engineer and worked in Bangalore before becoming a sadhu. He gives his Seva in the PR and Outreach department in BAPS Hindu Mandir Abu Dhabi. He speaks Hindi, English, Marathi and Gujarati fluently. He became Sadhu in the year 2015.

Another Guest, Pujya Guru Shri Nayan Swami – BAPS Hindu Mandir. Professionally he is an Electronics Engineer. Attained Diksha in 2013 by Pramukh Swami Maharaj. He studied Swaminarayan Philosophy, Sanskrit, Gita, Bhagwat Puran, Mahabharat, and Ramayan. He is the International Singer of BAPS. Currently looks after the Kids and Youth activities in the Middle East. He also is a Kirtan/Bhajan Singer.

Rev. Fr. Victor Fernandes – St. Mary’s Church Dubai was also a Guest of Honour. He is born in Nellikar, Mangalore Taluq and did his Studies at St. Aloysius and Graduated from Canara College, Mangalore. He did Philosophy in Bangalore and Theological studies in Mysore. He was the Principal of Milagres English Medium School, Kalyanpur. He became a Priest on 1 st May 2000. Served in Mizoram, Assam, Moodubelle & Brahmavar. Currently in Dubai since 28th June 2022 serving in St. Mary’s Church.

Shri. Mushtak Ahmed – Taalib-ul-Ilm of Islam was the third Guest of Honour. He is a native of Belthangady in Mangalore. He Graduated from SDM College Ujire. He Post Graduated from KSO University, Mysore. Currently studying Islamic “Aalim” in ‘Nur Ul Ilm’ Academy Dubai. He is a resident of Dubai Since 2006. Currently Working with the Government of Dubai.

All the four Multi-Faith Guests on the stage were received and were honoured by representatives of SCENT with Shawl, Flower, Garland and Fruit Basket with due respect. All the guests spoke words of wisdom, faith and humanity and commonly declared that the program designed by SCENT is an example to the world wherein one should keep away the differences of opinion and embrace one another as human beings respecting each other’s faith setting an example to others to follow. They also thanked the Rulers of the UAE for allowing people of different faiths to live in harmony and enjoy their freedom of religion in this part of the world.

Followed was the traditional lighting of the auspicious lamp and the true Tulunadu opening up of the ‘Pingara’ and inaugurating the programme and blessing done by the Guests of honour.

Soon after the auspicious inauguration was the speech by all the Guests of Honour who commonly spoke on the event and the richness of the Tulunada ‘Aatidonji Dina’ celebration. They unitedly said that will be part of the event and a good initiative by the organization that attempts to keep the spirit of faith and religion in this part of the world alive and which will help the generation ahead to continue and pass on to the generation ahead.

The Members of SCENT included the convener Shodhan Prasad family, Sudarshan Hegde family, Nityanand Beskoor family, Ashok Bailur family, Alwyn Pinto, Pramod Kumar family, Santosh Shetty, Shameer Bolar, Rakshak Mangalore and other members abroad. Fancy Dress children and those who participated in tother dance programmes enthralled the audience.

The food festival was in an ambience created with village look tents with displays of more than 70 varieties of Tulunada ethnic food displayed from one corner to the other. Plus a display of various artefacts of yesteryears for the audience to view.

There were more than 26 participants presenting over 71 varieties of ethnic food of Tulunadu all homely prepared some of which are rarely available anywhere nowadays. They not only showcased the importance of our ethnic food but also gave an opportunity to the present generation to taste the fresh healthy food which has its own importance. The food included rich traditional cuisines which were never available in any restaurants and were specially prepared with love by the members of Tulunadu who decorated it with the true touch of Tulu Nadu cuisine.

All the Guests arrived at the food exhibition spot and inaugurated the place with the cutting of the red ribbon. The food Festival counter was opened up for the public and they started flavouring the different dishes of Tulunadu and savouring the maximum taste of it the aroma of which was spread across the venue.

Various cultural programs started emerging which included Yakshagana Ballet by children, Group Folk Dances of various Teams, Various Fancy Dress participants, Tiger Dance, and Folk Song live singing which entertained throughout.

Lucky visitors won various prizes and all the participants were well honoured for their contribution.

The entire program was free on FB/Whatsapp and went Live on FB and Youtube for those Tuluvas to enjoy worldwide.

On the whole, it was an event to be remembered forever.

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