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Ab Ki Baar, Trump Sarkar! But Sorry, I Voted for Clinton

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Ab Ki Baar, Trump Sarkar! But Sorry, I Voted for Clinton

Mangaluru : As a US citizen and also holding a Dual Citizenship (OCI) here, I just voted Online after much consideration as to whom to vote this year- because this year the US presidential election campaign has been the ugliest one that I have ever seen. Immigrating to United States of America, and later becoming a U.S. citizen, I had the privilege of voting for three American Presidents of my choice- Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Barack Obama. Although both Clinton and Bush tried to be good Presidents of this nation, but I feel sorry to say that they both failed miserably. Under Clinton’s presidency America witnessed a shameful sex scandal, and under Bush’s tenure America landed into financial crisis. And then later I voted for Barack Obama as the 44th U.S. President, who followed through on his commitment to restore America’s greatness. Voting for Obama in 2008, and once again in 2012, I was simply overjoyed and overwhelmed that finally a change had come to America, and I looked forward for a better America under the leadership of Barack Obama. And, yes he did bring lots of changes in America!


I am not saying that during the past eight years of his presidential tenure, what everything Obama did was right- he did had some downfalls but he fair much better than any other past US presidents, through his innovative ideas and talents. But he was active, smart and very intelligent. Taking care of the mess left behind by his predecessor is not an easy job-it took time to rectify some of the issues and deficit created by the Bush administration. For many immigrants and their descendants, Barack Obama’s election in 2008 finally redeemed the Statue of Liberty’s promise of freedom and opportunity for all. When Obama was pronounced the winner, it was an emotional triumph for African- Americans. But the moment also was electrifying for immigrants from other lands–from the Middle East to Latin America to the islands of the Pacific. For many, Obama’s election felt like their nation was finally living up to its ideals. And when he was re-elected in the 2012 elections, it again brought more joy to all these folks, including me. I salute Obama for a job well done while he leaves his office soon- a great president that he was!

Never has been in the history, I guess, a US election campaign this time has been the ugliest, foulest, the dirtiest and most hate-driven in living memory. Every day I wake up and turn the TV on for the current news on US election, there is always something negative of both the candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. While Hillary is slapped with allegations of Email scandal, Clinton Foundation etc, while on the other hand there are allegations of sexual misconduct and hate speeches of Donald Trump. Being a democrat, it was indeed hard to make a choice whom to vote this year, because both the deeply unpopular stars seemed like a bad political reality show. It was a hard choice to make. I waited and waited and finally decided on a choice made by a coin toss- if it was heads, I will vote for Trump- if tails, I will vote for Clinton. So it was tails- I voted for Clinton online. And I hope, the prayers offered by Senior Congress leader Janardhan Poojary at the Kudroli Temple will also bring more luck to Hillary?

Although I liked Donald Trump for his strong stand on illegal immigration, fight against terrorism/Isis, jobs for Americans, against outsourcing jobs, moving American companies overseas etc etc, but what bothered me was his tone in outlining these issues. Although he was speaking out of his heart, there was something that didn’t please the listeners. But I was still planning on voting for him. no matter what. But day by day, his approach towards the people got more vulgar, more violent, more divisive and more worse. And between these two candidates, it was nothing but torture and everyone was traumatized. Americans sick of election, want to end it already. They have just about had it with this year’s White House race. Ans as the clock ticks down to Election Day (November 8) many are counting the minutes until the end of what often seemed like a bad political reality show, headlined by two deeply unpopular stars, Trump and Clinton.

As stated in a national daily, that for the first time in its history, Maximum America is about to elect a Minimum leader. America the Land of Free, has become the Land of the Free for All. And in the next few hours, the New Leader of the Free World will be chosen by the deeply divided populace after an excoriating electoral battle to decide the best of two worst choices. Yes, the 2016 US elections has been the most invective-infested poll campaign in decades-between “Crooked” Hillary (as Trump calls her), and “Bully” Trump. Together, the opposing candidates for the the 45th President of the United States represent a new low in American politics.

If Trump wins, it means trouble. If Clinton wins, it means another kind of trouble. So the voters are left with a tough choice to make. The damage this election campaign has done is such that the choice before the electorate is not really a choice. One of the frustrations of this election is that whoever wins, there will be trouble. When a country is forced to decide between two evils, the country loses. When the country is America, the world loses. Americans will have to keep their fingers crossed, as to who will emerge as a winner in this controversial election. I did my part as a Citizen of US by voting, which is indeed a privilege. Will my candidate win, let’s wait and see after November 8. If Hillary Clinton loses, I will still support Trump for his commitment to “Make America Great Again”.

Finally, whoever becomes the next commander-in-chief of USA, I’d like to offer a few prayers to keep Him or Her strong as he/she leads America: May he/she walk in love. May he/she know the joy of seeing bridges built, wounds healed and war ended. May he/she have the peace that surpasses all understanding. May he/she be blessed with long suffering when faced with hate, bigotry, intolerance, violence, corruption, and the seemingly immovable. May he/she have the goodness to turn the other cheek, and the wisdom to act. May he/she act with kindness and be treated kindly in return. May he/she have the faithfulness to keep his promise — to the nation, to his family, to himself/herself, to his/her Creator. May he/she continue to have a gentleness of spirit that chooses grace over pride.

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