Accumulate your Wealth in Bank of Heaven through Charity – Dr Ronald Colaco during Civic Honour

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Accumulate your Wealth in Bank of Heaven through Charity – Dr Ronald Colaco during Civic Honour

Mangaluru: The Dr Ronald Colaco Felicitation Committee organized Civic Honour for Dr Ronald Colaco at the Fr Muller Convention Centre here on February 24.

The programme began with an invocation. President of Dr Ronald Colaco Felicitation Committee, J R Lobo welcomed the gathering. A PPT was presented on the life of Dr Ronald Colaco, his social activities and his service to society.

Addressing the gathering Bishop of Mangalore Diocese, Dr Peter Paul Saldanha said, “Dr Colaco has done yeomen service to society. Dr Colaco has an abundance attitude while many have a scarcity attitude. Whoever goes to Dr Ronald Colaco seeking help, he helps them with a smiling face. We need to check against this background, Do I possess this kind of Abundance attitude? which is an inspiration today as we have seen. For so many years, Dr Ronald Colaco’s name has been shining for the goodness that he is exuding and propagating. Another attitude of Dr Colaco is beyond the borders, he does not expect anything from society. He is a good samaritan and works beyond borders. The third point is that his goodness is self-diffusive. When you meet this person, you don’t come back silent, because it is contagious goodness”.

Chancellor of Yenepoya University Yenepoya Abdul Kunhi and President of Ramakrishna Math Swami Jitakamanandaji also spoke on the occasion.

Dr Ronald Colaco was felicitated by Arch Bishop of Bengaluru, Dr Peter Machado along with other dignitaries on the dais with a Shawl, garland, fruits, Citation, and memento.

In his felicitation speech, Dr Ronald Colaco said, “I am overwhelmed by the felicitation and appreciation by the felicitation committee. After hearing the appreciation, my heart started to beat faster. We have only an ortho surgeon on the dais, we don’t have a cardiologist here. This is my duty towards the society where I was born, grown and live. When J R Lobo read out my achievements, I was shocked. If the organizers would have spent the money on some poor people, instead of organizing this felicitation programme, they would have benefitted. Dr Veerendra Heggadde is my role model, he has contributed a lot to society. The Ramakrishna Mission is holding a cleanliness drive to keep the City clean, likewise, we need to clean our minds too”.

Dr Ronald further said, “Many have asked me what made you donate so much money. During the welcome speech, J R Lobo said “Behind every successful man there is a woman, but here I want to correct the sentence “There is a woman”. Yes, behind my success my wife Jean was always there. In 1983, when I got married, we made a promise that a certain amount will be donated to the poor. To date, we have both kept the promises we made on our wedding day. God has given us only one opportunity to pass by this world. Whatever we can do for the less fortunate brethren in society, we should do it now. Every year we celebrate our birthday by inviting friends and relatives. Birthday celebration means we are only adding years to our life. We count our wealth in money, shares or assets and bank balance. It is equally important to have richness in our minds and heart. We need to think of our wealth in transforming lives. Sometimes our bank balance may vanish, but the wealth we earn in the bank of Heaven will not vanish. We should accumulate our wealth in the bank of heaven which is very important”.

Dr Colaco further said, “Be good to your neighbours, help others, and don’t see religion in every human being, we are all created by the same God. Every religion teaches us to love one another. If we help others, our wealth in the bank of heaven will increase. During the elections, political leaders deliver speeches giving examples of Gandhiji, Subhash Chandra Bose and other great leaders but not of themselves, why? If anyone wants to preach, first, they have to practice it. Today I have the full confidence to say that you have to donate some per cent of your wealth to the needy so that you can accumulate your wealth in the bank of Heaven. Today, I want all of you to promise that you will donate some part of your wealth to the poor in their needs”.

Arch Bishop of Bengaluru, Dr Peter Machado delivered the presidential address.

Bishop of Udupi Dr Gerald Isaac Lobo, Bishop of CSI Karnataka Southern Diocese Hemachandra Kumr, bishop of Belthangady dr Lawrence Mukkzhy, Bishop of S66hivamogga Dr Francis Serrao, Bishop of Bellary Dr Henry D’Souza, Chairman, Tejaswini Hospital Dr Shantharam Shetty, In-Charge Brahma Kumari Centre, Mangaluru, Rajayogini B K Vishweshwari, President Buntara Yane Nadavara Mathr Sangha Maladi Ajith Kumar Rai, President Rastriya Billawara Maha MandalaRajshekar Kotian, U T Ifthikar Ali, Louis Lobo, and others were also present.

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  1. Nice thoughts by Mr Ronald Colaco & our Bishop Dr Peter Paul.
    A cheerful giver
    Attitude of giving..
    An example to many of us.

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