ACT- Promoting Kindness to Animals!

The Animal Care Trust (ACT) organization in Shaktinagar, Mangalore originated from a common love of animals that was shared by a group of people.   The Animal Shelter of the ACT is aptly called ‘Vatsalya’ meaning ‘compassion’ in Sanskrit.  It came into existence on February 12, 2006, mainly because of the benevolence of late Mr. Katapadi Ganesh Shenoy.  The trust itself was formed in March 2000.  ACT is a registered charitable trust that is recognized by the Animal Welfare Board of India.  The Animal Birth Control (ABC) and Anti Rabies Vaccination (ARV) activities it performs are recognized and acknowledged by the Mangalore City Corporation.

The trustees include Dr Ganesh S. Pai, Charles Paul, Suma Ramesh, Giridhar Kamath, Dr. Shivaram Karekal and Dr. Manohar Upadhyaya, a veterinary surgeon.  They are backed by a dedicated team of members – Vijaya Rao, Dinesh Pai, Giselle Mehta, Juliet, Shobha Ramesh, Chandra Sekhar and Swarna Latha Rao.

In addition to the above, an enthusiastic group of volunteers lend support to the ACT.  They consist of students and working adults who take their job of helping the animals very seriously. 




















Some of the activities that are undertaken by the Animal Care Trust (ACT) are:

Animal Birth Control and Anti Rabies Vaccination (ABC/ARV)
Animal Adoptions
Rescue operations
Humane Education Programs

The public are encouraged to call the following numbers +918246511053 +919844001351 and +91 9845255777 if any of the above services are required.

Every month hundreds of animals are rescued, vaccinated and sterilized all with the help and support of the general public and the Mangalore City Corporation.  Thanks to the generous donors and supporters a lot is being done but a lot more still needs to be done.  The Animal Care Trust (ACT), Mangalore, requires more donors and more volunteers to help with the various activities it undertakes.  All donations made to ACT are exempted under section 80 G of the Income Tax Act.  Volunteers who are willing to come and work at Vatsalya and the adoption/vaccination camps can contact the above numbers and get the necessary details for joining.  For a fee, the staff at Vatsalya also look after pets when they are left there by their owners who are away on vacation. 

The Animal Care Trust (ACT) has also been spreading awareness about its activities in and around Mangalore.  Today, February 27th 2010, a beautiful and colorful ACT stall was set up at the Incident Venue, NITK Suratkal from 9am till 6 pm.  The ACT team of volunteers who worked at the stall were Daniel Tauro, Vidwath, Sameer, Manish, Praveen, Sangeetha, Divya, Parwathi and Sumana.  They sold t-shirts, calendars and stickers to raise funds for the organization.  The stall also served as a venue for promoting membership. 

The ACT staff at INCIDENT, NITK, Suratkal

These kind of membership drives and awareness programs are carried out throughout the year by the ACT.  The venues are different, but the message they convey is the same ? that there is an everlasting bond between man and animals and that by showing kindness, care and concern to animals we end up becoming better human beings. 

Author: Tamsyn Pereira- ACT member- Mangalore