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‘Adopted Son’ agrees to pay Bills of ‘Foster Mother’

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‘Adopted Son’ agrees to pay Bills of ‘Foster Mother’

Mangaluru: On 14 July our website carried a report, ’92-Yr-Old Alice D’Souza abandoned by ‘Adopted Son’, where 92-year-old Alice D’Souza was abandoned by her so called ‘adopted son’ Arun Kumar, who not only neglected her but was not ready to pay her hospital bills when she was admitted in a local private hospital for Malaria, Diarrhea and Jaundice treatment. Apart from this report published on www.mangalorean.com, which has now brought some good results to this case. The case which was proceeded further by Lidwyn, a co-ordinator of Senior Citizen’s Helpline has resulted in getting justice to this senior lady in distress.

92-Yr-Old Alice D'Souza abandoned by 'Adopted Son' (5)

After Senior Citizen’s Helpline had filed a complaint about this incident to Assistant Commissioner Dr Ashok on 13 July, 2106, the AC personally visited Alice D’Souza in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at a private hospital-Matadakani Road, Mangaluru on 18 July, and recorded her statements. The Assistant Commissioner seeing Alice in such a distress state, set up 20 July for hearing the case, where Lidwyn and Arun Kumar appeared before the court.

After hearing the case, the AC ordered Arun Kumar to pay all the hospital bills and also to take care of Alice till her death, for which Arun readily agreed. The Assistant Commissioner having come to know that the apartment which belonged to Alice D’Souza was registered by Arun in his name without her knowledge, warned Arun that if he fails to pay the bills at the earliest, he would cancel the registration of apartment made in the name of Arun, and register the same in the name of Alice D’Souza.

Smelling all the consequences that he would face, Arun had approached the hospital management and assured them that he would settle the hospital expenses incurred by Alice D’Souza, ever since she was admitted to the hospital by her neighbors on 30 June, for Malaria, diarrhea and Jaundice. Hearing the happy news, Alice D’Souza has thanked Lidwyn of Seniors Citizen’s Helpline and Mangalorean.com.

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  1. Mr. Alfie Your Act is appreciated not only by Alice but also by Us,the Citizens of the World. Our Thanks to Lydwin and Dr.Ashok Kumar and Mangalorean.com. Keep doing these acts. Today it is different Culture at work. All these Acts of the Past are gone with Material Greed. People who Preach in name of God “Love Your Neighbor” are robbing Properties and Monetary Wealth of Older People and the Poor People.
    Alfie You will find many cases like these in Older Folks Homes(Ashram). Again Thanks to You, for Good Act. Proud to have you as my Brother. I have done this all through my life in USA and Mangalore,so now You can carry over.

  2. Dear Mangalorean .com
    Very good news. Please follow up this case and keep reporting till she is back to normal health and taken care by this so called foster son till her last breath . Let good hearted relatives and friendscome forward atleast to see her in ICU on her death bed.

  3. Excellent community service by Mangalorean.com and their team member, Alfie D’Souza. Only when issues are highlighted, problems could be solved. This is an eye opener for others. Thanks once again D’Souza and Mangalorean.com

    You need to sleuth into some of the old-age homes, as to how the inmates are treated–you will be surprised. Good luck in your next report on seniors abuse.

  4. Reading this exclusive report, make me worry about my grandmother who has been housed at a old-age home in the outskirts of Mangalore. Although I have paid enough money to this NGO to take good care of my grandma, but I have rumours that the care and service has gone down. Once I come down from Gulf, I will surely shift her to a better place.

    Thanks mangalorean.com for making known to the public about such issues related to older people abuse

  5. Mr.Alfie and the mangalorean.com team , kindly visit Ms. Alice DSouza and see her condition and how she is doing. It’s not enogh only if you write what’s told to you to report. I guess you need to personally go and visit her and follow up whether Arun kumar is doing the needful and whether treatment is provided to her in a fair manner and if she is getting better or not. She needs a lot of prayers and emotional support rather than praises. Your reporting will be complete if you get the right facts. News reporting is good to highlight such cases but what makes it excellent is if it is followed up with emotional bonding. May be for your team it’s just another news but I guess there is something more than news which binds humans and that’s humanity which most of the people in and out of mangalore lack. So I kindly request you and your team to report her condition after visiting her. To all the readers and her relatives kindly keep her in your prayers and go and visit her.

  6. Good news.

    Let`s hope he does all that is expected and required till his (adopted) mother breaths her last.

  7. Admit her to Govt. Wenlock Hospital or Fr.Mullers. Private hospitals are a rip rip-off. Old lady wants lots of love, compassion and prayers in her last stage of life. This should come from her extended family and friends. My Aunt lived in Mangalore for 85 years and she knew almost half of Mangalorean. When I was 12 years old I visited Mangalore for the first time. I got down from the bus at Kankanady and told the Jaktawala (Horse and cart rider) to take me to Lucy Bai’s house in Marnamikatta(also known as Vaag Lucy). He took me right in front of her house and she paid him only Rs.0.25. No bargain. It was in 1963. From my good old memories.

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