‘Aerophilia 2022’ at Sahyadri College Dazzled with Splendour & Spectacular Views

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‘Aerophilia 2022’ at Sahyadri College Dazzled with Splendour & Spectacular Views

Mangaluru: Team Challengers of Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management, Mangaluru hosted the ‘ AEROPHILIA 2022’- one of the most awaited fests of the year on November 11, and will continue on the 12th and 13th of November.

‘Aerophilia’ is a three-day National-Level fest that has given wings to innovative thinking to budding engineers and innovators in the past and strives to continue to do so. With events that boost the healthy competitive spirit of our country’s youth, this event is a great way to gain exposure and widen one’s social and professional network. This fest is an opportunity for young school kids to marvel at the wonders of science and meet and interact with eminent personalities to gain an interest in Science and technology.

This is the 5th edition of the fest and the other four have helped the Sahyadri team gain recognition nationwide. During the course of Aerophilia 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019, the participants of this two-day National event were expected to design a radio-controlled aircraft with the limitations regulated in its dimension and the propulsion system. The highlight of the event was the air shows conducted by internationally reputed RC flyers. Students from Elite institutions like IITs and NITs also participated in this competition. There were also a wide variety of cultural events for the students to participate in.

Unlike the previous years, this year the organizers have expected a huge crowd during the 3-day event, with an air show being conducted by professional flyers. The event will also feature one of the Biggest Auto-Expo to happen in Mangaluru with luxurious and exotic cars on display. The real attention grabber will be the Hackathon that ISRO will be organising in Sahyadri College during the event which is based on NavIC there will be a wide plethora of participants attending it, and the students will get to experience India’s finest technology.

The Representatives from ISRO will also be giving a highly informative technical talk during the course of the event. Apart from the Aeromodeling, the RC Bot events, Paper Presentation, Treasure Hunt, Hogathon, Battle of Bands, Group Dance, Auto-Expo, Bike Stunt Show, Photography Workshop, Water Rocket, and Singing Contest will be held. Throughout Aerophilia 2022, the ISRO Hackathon, Blind Coding, Flight Simulation, and Photography competitions will also take place.

The inaugural of the 5th edition of Aerophilia 2022, one of the most awaited festivals of the year, saw miniature aeroplanes made by young engineers using radio-controlled equipment fly on the grounds of Sahyadri Campus on the banks of the Netravati River. The Inaugural ceremony of ‘Aerophilia 2022’ took place today at Sahyadri College of Engineering and Management, Netravati Auditorium. The ceremony was inaugurated by lighting the ceremonious lamp as a gesture to mark the beginning.

Retired Indian Army officer Colonel Nitte Guthu Sarath Bhandary in his inaugural address said, “The festival has given many budding engineers and innovators an opportunity to create innovative projects for young students. Drone technology is widely used in the field of defence and agriculture. Apart from providing a competitive platform to the students, Aerophilia also provides a great opportunity to gain social recognition and expand professional contacts”. He also urged the students to join the Armed forces, where there are big benefits and huge income. (More on Col Bhandary click on the video below).

Commander T R A Narayanan said that the new aero model competition will allow young engineers to showcase their talents.

Dr Manjappa Sarathy, Director of Research Sahyadri College said, “Aerophilia 2022 is the 5th edition of the national festival which will help the participants to experience designing a radio-controlled aircraft with its dimensions and limitations. Dr Manjappa informed that Mangaluru’s biggest auto expo with aerial displays, luxury and foreign car displays by professional young engineers, Hackathon on technology developed by ISRO, technical talks and photography competitions will be held.

Also on the dais during the inaugural programme were Guest of Honour Vishal Rao; Devdas Hegde-Trustee; Dr Rajesh S – Principal Sahyadri College, Dr Anush Bekal – Challengers Faculty Incharge and HoD E&C Department; Chandra Singh, Challengers Faculty Advisor, Nikhil G V – Co-organiser of Aerophilia 2022, and Abhinav Thodhillaya – Organiser of Aerophilia 2022.

The Airshow was conducted in the College Greens with the first flight inaugurated by Vishal Rao. The event went on successfully. A total of 250 teams of 400 students from various colleges across the country arrived on the first day of Aerophilia 2022 – a three-day National-level festival to be held from November 11 to 13 at Sahyadri Campus. The first-day event dazzled with splendour and spectacular views. A sea of crowd, including students, thronged the ground to witness the spectacular air show. The administration has made elaborate arrangements to maintain law and order.

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