Affordability & Fast-Speed- Making Commuting Easier- How Rapido Bike Taxis Are Changing, The Way We Commute

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Affordability & Fast-Speed- Making Commuting Easier- How Rapido Bike Taxis Are Changing, The Way We Commute


Dependency on online bike service has drawn serious attention within just a few years. The main reason as a driving factor could be the burden of transport fare. And to deal with both bugly fare and huge traffic especially during rush hours, these bike services have arrived as a great saviour. That helps you to reach the destination with minimum time and at a minimal cost.

Out of plenty of ‘door step’ bike services, Rapido seems to run a little higher in the graph of popularity. It’s a Bengaluru-based app that started in 2015 and inaugurated a new ideology to day-to-day transport communication. However, followed by other transportation services from Zoomcar, Ola bike, and so many others, we’ve discovered simple methods to deduct daily transportation costs in the easiest ways.

Hence, let’s encounter the ways to avail myriads of the benefits of online Bike riding services that stand out as a great saviour for daily survival. You can also use exclusive Rapido coupons to redeem the best advantages from the site that keeps twirling up.

Benefits of opting for online riding services as day to day transportation medium

There are tons of benefits that can easily be redeemed from an online riding service, being it bike or taxi in terms of saving both time and money. Hence, let’s unfold this one by one.

1. Benefit of bike service

Can you ever imagine spending only Rs.10 per km while booking a private vehicle? Even a public vehicle gears up higher costs than it. Hence, not only is the bike service super budget-friendly but at the same time, it is super convenient too. Moreover, you may book a ride at any point of time along with availing the benefit of ‘doorstep’ pickup. And for these, the service draws maximum weightage during rushing office hours.

Therefore, to deal with congested road traffic you may book order and avail a safe journey to your office without worrying of being late. While paying the charge you may take help from coupon websites too which levy great relaxation on the budget scale. For example, being a first-time user you may count up to 50% deduction using Rapido coupons on your journey.

2. Exclusive help from Rapido Rental

Within 6 years of time map, Rapido presently provides its service to 80 cities in the country and recently it has launched a special package termed ‘Rapido Rental’ for 6 metro cities. It works exactly the way Zoomcar does but here you can save an incredibly huge amount on your booking hours. Albeit, both are worthy but you can customize your journey based on your affordability. And if you stand a little high on your budget do snatch a 20% discount coupon on Zoomcar offers or a flat 30% wave-off on a self-driving deal.

However, to be back with the Rapido rental package, which is imparted into six categories featured up to 60 km for a duration of six hours and charges starts from Rs. 99/ hours to sum up a maximum of Rs 599 for 6 hours. So, the best part is, you can book a bike for a maximum of 6 hrs to complete your priority task. There is no penalty fee required.

3. Online offers

You can draw lucrative online offers while inspecting for economic deals on several car and rentals websites, including the distinct website itself. At the same time, you can take favour from several affiliated coupon websites too that will help you grab huge savings.

Some of the top notched discounts offer on both bike and car rental programmes, active at this moment are; 50% deduction at Rapido on the first ride, flat Rs. 100 off on the first ride at Ola, 20% off on Zoomcar code, Rs 25 levy on ZOOMCAR first ride, and so on. Thus, twirl your wittiness on saving daily commuting fees and start smart savings.

4. Wallet offers on both bike and car ride

Not just exclusive coupons but several banks along with UPI wallets have also released enthralling offers to all types of online ride services. And the best part of the wallet offers are, these are easily snatchable for every user who has been familiar with mobile banking nowadays.

So, don’t hesitate to pick up trending wallet offers active at this moment for both bike and car services. A glance at the trending list is as follows. Do avail flat 25% cashback offer of up to Rs 50 using SIMPL wallet to next ride at Rapido? In the same way, you can get 50% off via Amazon pay on Uber ride, at Ola you can Rs. 600 to all your rides if you have a Standard Chartered bank account.

Hence, what I want to say is, you don’t need to feel an empty brain of how to fill your daily fare. Just, be a little smart and look around and draw any of these best deals which are easily available.

5. Ascending popularity of two-wheelers

People have finally been able to bask the shell of stereotypes and step aside from assuming two-wheelers as the most important pry for accidents! Therefore, riding dependency on bike service is ascending for being easily convenient and highly economical as compared to 4 wheelers service.

Moreover from yearly statistical reports from the express drive and other beuroes, it’s been observed that while a ride from Uber or Ola taxi sums up Rs.200 for 10 km, Rapido charges Rs.99 as compared to these. So, due to super affordable, dependency is notable. Therefore, keep your helmet ready next to the hand and get ready to ride in.

Ola vs Uber vs Rapido: which one better

Albeit, we are used to all these but when it comes to making an analogy among these three based on price-distance ratio, Rapido ranks first even as compared to Ola bikes. Rapido charges Rs.10/km along with lots of other features while Ola bikes charge only Rs.10/km and Rs.7/km for new users.

However, as compared to bike service cab service from both Ola and Uber are hugely expensive which scales nearly Rs.12 to Rs.22/km respectively. Hence, it’s lucid to draw the conclusion how bike service stands out as a real solution for everyday life.

Hence, with this analogical report, I’ve tried to put emphasis on the better parts of online riding service and tried to underline how you can manage regular savings through availing speedy transport service. I hope you can draw valuable insights from here and make these useful. Don’t feel shy to seek help from several coupons to draw more discounts. Make your daily communication fast and hassle-free!

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