Afghans complain of worn out banknotes

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Afghans complain of worn out banknotes

Kabul: Afghan citizens complained of an increase of worn-out banknotes in Kabul markets, saying the issue has caused them serious challenges, media reports said.

“Almost 80 per cent of the Afghanis are worn-out. There are no new banknotes in the markets,” said Jaafar, a resident of Kabul, Tolo News reported.

“It is not clear if new Afghanis have been printed or not. But worn-out banknotes are increasing in transactions,” said Agha Sheerin, a resident.

However, several Afghans criticised the way people protect banknotes, especially small banknotes.

“No problem would happen if everyone took a wallet for keeping money. The banknotes should be kept in a good way,” said Doos Mohammad, Tolo News reported.

Meanwhile, experts said that the Central Bank of Afghanistan must attempt to print new banknotes to prevent a lack of viable Afghanis.

“A French company printing banknotes for Afghanistan stopped printing after the collapse in August 2021,” said Seyar Quraishi, a banking and financial expert.

“The Central Bank in coordination with Ministry of Foreign Affairs could convince countries … to print banknotes for Afghanistan,” said Ahmad Muneeb Rasa, a political expert.

The Islamic Emirate’s spokesman said the government is considering the needs of Afghanistan, and will print new banknotes.

“We will try to print new banknotes. We have no plan to print a lot, but as much is needed,” said Zabihullah Mujahed, the government’s spokesman, the report said.

This comes as the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, said earlier that Afghanistan is encountering a lack of liquidity which will cause the collapse of the economic system.


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