An Aspiring Medical Student Duped of Rs 22.5 lakh, by being Promised a Seat

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An Aspiring Medical Student Duped Rs 22.5 lakh, by being Promised a Seat in a Mangaluru-based Medical College

Mangaluru: As per sources from Ullal police, an aspiring medical student has duped Rs 22.5 lakh, by being promised a seat in a Mangaluru-based college. Incidentally, the aspirant, along with his father, had even visited the college. In a complaint filed at the Ullal police station, the father of the victim stated that he received a call from a woman on 16 December 2022, in connection with a medical seat for his son.

The complainant told the woman that he is looking for a seat that is within the Rs 50 lakh range, and he later reportedly received a call from another woman, with details of the seat, for which he would have to pay Rs 15 lakh as a capitation fee, and Rs 7.5 lakh as a first-year fee. The complainant was told that the hostel will be free, and the complainant was asked to WhatsApp the documents.

On 17 December 2022, the complainant got a demand draft done for Rs 7.5 lakh, from his wife’s bank account and shared the photo of the same on WhatsApp. The next day, he sent photos of the documents of his son. On December 20, he received a call from a senior executive, that the medical seat has been confirmed, and asked them to come to the college the next day.

Accordingly, the complainant and his son visited the college and were asked to fill necessary documents, as the admission was confirmed. They were then taken to a nearby hotel, and a representative filled out the forms, after verifying the documents and attaching the photo of the aspirant, as well as the DD of Rs 7.5 lakh, after which they were taken to the college parking area.

They were given an admission letter, Rs 15 lakh was collected from them, and an admission card with the student’s photo was sent to their mobile phone.

The complainant also received a call on December 27, confirming the medical seat, and that classes would commence on 6 January 2023. However, since the demand draft could not be cleared and the DD had been cancelled, they would have to pay Rs 7.5 lakh in cash, the accused said. They even said that the amount could be paid to a person at Hyderabad airport.

On 29 December 2022, the complainant and his son went to Hyderabad airport and waited there till the evening, and on their return, met a person and handed over the cash. However, it was only when the student reached the college on January 5 and showed the soft copy of the admission card, he realised that he had been cheated.

The Ullal police have launched an investigation. As per DCP (law and order) Anshu Kumar, a PG seat aspirant was also duped and has lost approximately Rs 50 lakh. An investigation has been launched into both cases, call details are being verified, and the accused are being tracked. The modus operandi is similar in both cases.

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