An Insecure World for Innocence

Pedophiles? should be considered as criminals or mentally disordered people???

A Child is like a mirror. A scar in the mirror can never be erased .Scar is a mark that reminds of an accident occurred. These scars make the vision blurred.

Children are gentle and tender so they should be treated affectionately and tenderly to avoid scars in their life. The scar that occurs in the childhood has a long lasting negative impact on the emotional and physical health of children.

Parents provide children with all facilities, from gadgets to artificial food to make children happy and healthy but they forget to mix love, care and affection at the right ratio. This negligence of parents makes the world insecure for children. The children of today are growing with insecurity at the age when they are supposed to live freely like a bird.

In the fast developing India child abuses are growing at the same speed causing threat to children as well as to the nation. Parents, teachers or the people whom the child can trust are turning to be the ones who abuse them at the first pace. Gone are the days when kids were asked to be away from strangers. The current scenario is that the child has to stay away from the closest relative!!!

Rape and abuses are becoming common and is an everyday happening which is a menace to the society. The growing number of the victims of child abuses is becoming a real risk to the nation. As per the statistics from the Working Group of Human Rights and UN in 2012, more than 53% of children in India have gone through abuses in the past year.

The innocence is murdering due to the ignorance of parents. Busy schedules of parents make children to depend on technologies, maids or anyone who they come across for attention. This attention can cause trouble as kids trust anyone who cares them. Later these attention givers take advantage of children. Thus, children fall prey for sexual abuses. Parents does not have time to converse with the kids is favoring factor for child abuses. Many of the abuses come to light after years of the occurrence. The child will not get any emotional support to overcome the fear as the parents remain unaware of the incident.

It is shocking that everyday more than two cases of child abuses are reported. Recent studies show that children undergo stress more than adults. Parents should spent time with children and also make children aware of the happenings especially about the abuses that they can face in the society as well as in family. Children should be trained to tell ?NO? whenever they are at an uneasy situation.

International Classification of Diseases defines Pedophilia as a disorder. Pedophiles are attracted towards boys, girls or both who are below the age of thirteen. Psychologists say that child sexual abusers possess antisocial individuality. They never repent on their deeds nor do they have any empathy. The people who abuse children sexually are termed as pedophiles.? Some of the countries consider pedophiles as criminals. It is true when considering the fact that pedophiles kill the innocence of children. The mental health centers and psychological organizations categorize pedophile as a mental disorder. Therapies are given to pedophiles to overcome the problem but there is no actual cure to this disease.

The reason why a person becomes pedophile is mysterious and? this personality disorder has to be given therapy at the initial stages. Prevention is better than cure is true when it comes to pedophilia. So it is vital to make children aware and vigil about abuses as that is the only way to prevent child abuse. Child abuses should be considered seriously.? Reporting child abuses, awareness program on child abuses, counseling centers for children and above all parents spending valuable time with the kids is what needed most to fight against pedophilia.

Parents should plant greenery of love affection, security and boldness in children. Let innocence blossom with out agony and let it last long. Let us hope that child abuses will be eradicated and children? will be? growing without fear or pain and a secure world for innocence will be formed.

Note: Dial 1098 when a child is abused.

(Source of? Statical Information: Research Articles )


Author: Cimona Sebastian