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Andhra Pradesh to issue 1 crore livestock health cards

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Andhra Pradesh to issue 1 crore livestock health cards

Amaravati:  Andhra Pradesh government will issue one crore health cards for livestock keepers to avail a host of services for their animals at the Rythu Bharosa Kendras (RBKs).

“By using these health cards, breeders can avail multiple medical services for their animals at RBKs, ranging from emergency medical care to vaccinations,” said an official.

According to the official, AP government happens to be the first in the country to provide health cards to that many animals as it aims to elevate animal husbandry department to the next level.

“So far, government has issued health cards for 85 lakh livestock and by October, other 15 lakh livestock will also be able to enjoy the health card services,” said the official.

These cards will enable owners to avail services for their animals without paying money.

In addition to medical services, the animal husbandry department is also educating farmers about the best practices being followed across the world.

“The department has also taken up the responsibility of training breeders via a special course called the ‘Pasu Vignana Badi’, which consists of practical training in the form of demonstrations, apart from imparting theoretical knowledge,a he said.

aPasu Vignana Badi will act as an encyclopedia for animal husbandry related aspects, including the do’s and don’ts and best practices which will be taught to farmers through the Pasu Vignana Badi.

“Its main objective is to impart training and render extension services to farmers at the village level through low cost, lean structure model to evaluate present practices adopted by farmers and suggest suitable improved practices,” the official added.

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