‘Angels of Mercy’ the Hospitality of Father Muller Hospital Celebrate Ínternational Nurses Day 2022′

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‘Angels of Mercy’ (Nurses) the Hospitality of Father Muller Hospital Celebrate Ínternational Nurses Day 2022′

Mangaluru: As the world celebrates the Nurses Day on May 12, we should remember that the Nurses are the hospitality of the hospital. Nurses lead very demanding lives. Working with doctors, healing patients and educating the communities are just a few of the responsibilities nurses perform on a daily basis. In fact you could say that nurses are the backbone of our healthcare care system, providing us with the attention and medical care that we need to live healthy long-lasting lives. Sometimes being a nurse can be exhausting at times, but the knowledge and power to help heal others is what keeps them going in challenging times, especially during this pandemic. And while nurses are strong, spirited, positive and focused even they need a little pick me up every once in a while – like complimenting them for their well-done job or appreciating their dedication and commitment to patients and health-care.

Ever since the pandemic started the Nurses have played a vital role risking their lives taking care of the Covid-19 patients, and on this International Nurses Day we should express our gratitude to the nurses who were front-line warriors in the battle against the pandemic. Truly, they are the unsung heroes, who risked their lives to save others. As the Covid-19 swept the world impacting communities and spreading a sense of insecurity, it’s the ‘Angels of Mercy’ in white who cared and instilled hope in the minds of patients. They dispensed compassion, displaying unparalleled dedication and resilience. They healed the vulnerable with their touch of compassion, soothing smiles and words of care.

Not that Nurses at other hospitals, nursing homes and clinics are not worthy to be praised for their service, but one Charitable Catholic Institution in the “Rome of the East” Mangaluru which has and is producing the best and the professionals in the field of Nursing to serve locally, Nationally and Internationally, is none other than Fr Muller Nursing Institution- and there is no doubt about it. Quoting the beginning lyrics from the Fr Muller Institution Anthem : “We Come to Comfort and to Heal, to Love and Serve in Woe and Weal “- these words truly fit and describe the prospective nurses and staff/registered nurses of this great Institution. Nursing is not a profession, it is a vocation, because it’s a God’s choice that they are all selected for this job. For all the sleepless nights, hard work and overtime that nurses sacrifice for their patients, do you think their salary matches their service? Their nursing service is much more than what they earn. More than profession, their nursing career is a Mission.

Among the doctors and other health care fraternity during Covid-19 outbreak, Nurses played a very important role both locally and globally. They were on the front lines caring for these patients day in and day out. They risked their lives to save others lives, and they were able to see what was working, as well as things that could be done differently to provide more effective and efficient care, and offer suggestions for improvement. And for their great role they played, the World Health Organization had declared 2020 as the ‘Year of the Nurse and Midwife’. For these Frontline Nurses, just a message from Team Mangalorean- you are doing everything you can in a situation you probably never imagined yourself being in. Take a deep breath, lean on each other for support, reach out if you need someone to talk to, and find healthy ways to decompress. You are important, brave and very much appreciated for all of the hard work you are doing! Kudos and bravo, all you Covid Warriors, and keep up the good work that you are entrusted with. !

To mark The International Nurses Day and the Finale of the Nurses Week Celebrations 2022 at Father Muller Hospital Nursing Department, it began with a thanksgiving Eucharistic celebration at 7.30am at the St Joseph Chapel. During the Mass, the nurses contributed grocery and household items which will be distributed to the poor homes looking after the sick and aged. At 11:30 a.m., the felicitation and finale of the Nurses Week was celebrated at the Academy Hall. A prayer song performed by the nurses filled the ambience with awe. Sr Deepa Peter, Principal Athena College of Nursing graced the programme as the Chief Guest and Rev. Fr Richard Aloysius Coelho, the Director of the Institutions was the President of the Programme.

Regarding the Nurse’s Week celebration, it was inaugurated on Saturday, 7th May 2022 at the Asha Kiran grounds.. After invoking the blessings of the Almighty, Ms Helen Lobo, Nursing Superintendent, welcomed the gathering. The Nurses Week was inaugurated with the lighting of the Nightingale lamp by Rev. Fr Richard Aloysius Coelho, Director, Father Muller Charitable Institutions. Dr Antony Sylvan D’souza, Dean, FMMC, the Guest of honour had unveiled the plaque bearing the theme of the International Nurses Day 2022 followed by release of helium balloons by all the distinguished guests.

Rev Fr Rudolph Ravi Dsa, Administrator FMMCH, Chief Guest enlightened the nurses on the theme focusing the true value of nurses to the people of the world and appreciated the nursing fraternity at the Father Muller Medical College Hospital for their dedication to the profession. The Director, Rev Fr Richard Coelho, delivered the Presidential address and acknowledged the nurses for their tireless contributions in healing and comforting the sick at the hospital. He also encouraged the nurses to participate in the activities scheduled during the nurses week. The Inaugural event ended with a vote of thanks proposed by Ms Renita Lasrado, Assistant Nursing Superintendent and CNE Co-ordinator, Father Muller Medical College Hospital.

Taking into consideration the time factor, the Nursing Service Department organised literary- art competitions. These events were organised for the nurses and hospital assistants from 28th April to 4th May 2022 prior to the official Inaugural celebrations. A test on the Continuing Nursing Education topics was conducted on February 9th and 10th for staff nurses and 29th of April 2022 for ward incharges. Nurses and hospital assistants were divided into seven teams to facilitate active participants from all quarters. There was indeed an active participation in all activities. A talk on Happy nurses- Kind smile cures diseases was organised on 6th, may 2022 at 3 pm in hospital conference hall.Fr Rudolph Ravi Dsa was the guest speaker. ANS, Ward incharges and staff nurses were present. A Symposium on the theme of the year was organised on 9th and 10th of May 2022. It was informative and well appreciated by the audience

Now coming to the Valedictory and International Nurses Day held today, 12 May, Rev Sr Dhanya Devasia , Chief Nursing Officer, accorded a warm welcome to the gathering. It was followed by a tribute to two stalwarts for their services to the ailing society, Rev. Fr Augustus Muller, Founder of Father Muller Charitable Institutions and Florence Nightingale, founder of modern nursing. Their portraits were garlanded by Rev. Fr Richard Aloysius Coelho, Director, Father Muller Charitable Institutions and Sr Deepa Peter, Principal Athena College of Nursing as a sign of respect. A report of the activities and events of the Nurses Week 2022 was read out by Ms Renita Lasrado, Assistant Nursing Superintendent and CNE Co-ordinator, Father Muller Medical College Hospital.

Sr Ellen Marie AC was honoured for her selfless contributions in serving the sick and suffering at these Institutions in various capacities. In her message she opined to the nurses to strive for inner peace rather than the outward showings. She reminisces about her struggle to reach upto the nursing superintendents post, all the while being religious. Her vocation and profession matched, both had the nature of caring and nurturing.

The CNE test topper , best nurses and Panelists of the symposium were congratulated by the Chief Guest. Sr Deepa Peter, Chief guest distributed the awards to the recipients. Late Geetha Shrestha Memorial award went to Ms. Precilla Rodrigues as Best Ward Incharge. Late Annie Theresa Coelho Memorial award goes to Ms. Simi Mathew Best Senior Staff Nurse. Prize instituted by Msgr. P.M. Saldanha, went to Ms. Jobile Jose, as Best Staff Nurse. Prize instituted by Rev. Fr. Augustine Lobo, went to Ms. Joylet D Souza highest marks obtained in C.N.E. test. Prize instituted by Fr. Frank Rodrigues,went to Ms. Josephine Aranha as best Hospital Assistant.

The Chief Guest, Sr Deepa Peter’s message to the nurses was that every person deserves to be treated with dignity and that nurses are the ones that uphold it. Nurses have been instinctive in being part of the healing and caring of the patient. The pandemic has shown the dedication of nurses and their importance in organised healthcare. (More of her speech watch on video below) .Rev Fr Rudolph Ravi D’Sa, Administrator of Father Muller Medical College Hospital presented the Prizes to the winners and awarded the rolling trophy to jamine team. Mrs Malini Noronha and Ms Carol Queen Dsouza were felicitated with shawl gift and sapling by the dignitaries in recognition of their renowned skills and as a token of appreciation among the multitude of nursing staff.

Rev Fr Richard Coelho, Director, Father Muller Charitable Institutions congratulated the nurses and prayed that nurses all over the world be beacon of healing and care. Nurses are a part of the healthcare team, without them the void is huge. He suggested that though remuneration may seem the priority, the joy of serving another human should be prioritized. The programme concluded with a vote of thanks proposed by Ms Lavina Nazareth, Assistant Nursing Superintendent and it was followed by a short cultural programme and lunch. The programme was eloquently compered by Ms Greeshma Sheethal D’souza and Ms Joyline Elvina Sequeira, both the Nursing Department.

In conclusion, while we celebrate International Nurses Day, because this day is all about celebrating nurses’ endless contributions to society, take this opportunity to show a nurse who has taken care of you how much you appreciate him or her. As with most gestures of appreciation, whatever you decide to do need not be grand or cost much money. Sad as it is, many people neglect to thank their nurses at all, seeing them only as robots who only know how to follow the doctor’s orders, so every little way to say a simple “thank you” will definitely make that nurse’s day.

If you are feeling especially grateful for the way a certain nurse took care of you (fed you, brought you a blanket, cleaned vomit off of you, monitored your vital signs, made sure you were getting the right pills, changed your wound dressings, helped you get to the bathroom, let you cry on his or her shoulder, or any of the hundreds of other things nurses do), today is the day to show that gratitude. Since you are not able to visit them personally due to lockdown, If possible call and thank them or call the Director of the hospital or the Head of Nursing dept and express your gratitude. However, as mentioned before, it’s the thought that counts the most. A nurse’s main goal is to help you get through treatment and get better, so just knowing he or she succeeded is a reward in itself.

Quoting Florence Nightingale, “Nursing is an art: and if it is to be made an art, it requires an exclusive devotion as hard a preparation, as any painter’s or sculptor’s work; for what is the having to do with dead canvas or dead marble, compared with having to do with the living body, the temple of God’s spirit? It is one of the Fine Arts: I had almost said, “the finest of Fine Arts”. Long Live the Nurses-the Angels of Mercy of Father Muller Hospital Nursing Department! Happy Nurses Day! Happy Sisters Day?

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