Animal Lovers Rescue 2 Innocent Dogs from the Hands of their Abusive Alcoholic Owner

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Animal Lovers Rescue 2 Innocent Dogs from the Hands of their Abusive Alcoholic Owner

Mangaluru: Following close on its heels after there had two incidents recently of dog abuse/torture, (‘Man’s Best Friend’-a Stray Dog Dragged by 2 ‘Beasts’ on Bike goes Viral- One Arrested) (Stray Dog Dragged by Man on Motorbike at Maryhill, Arrested) here is yet another incident which came to light when a young woman had called/posted on Whatsapp about the torture being done to dogs by her neighbour. The acts of violence towards animals are on the rise, and a case in point is this WhatsApp message of this incident, which has received a huge response urging that necessary action should be taken in rescuing the dogs from the hands of their owner has ended successfully, with a happy ending for the two dogs, who are now under the lovable care of an animal lover.

The incident of dog torture/abuse came to light two days ago when a young girl from Vadirajnagar in Alake in the City had posted a message on a WhatsApp group that her neighbour, a truck driver has been abusing/torturing his dog by tying it with a metal chain around its neck (without a collar) and when the owner is drunk would beat the dog with metal pipes, thereby making the dog cry loud out of pain. It was also mentioned by the girl that many times the owner didn’t feed the dogs. Taking this matter very seriously, a group of animal lovers got into action and found the location, and rescued the dog from the hands of the abusive owner. Apart from this dog that was rescued, there was yet another black dog at that driver’s house, which escaped seeing these animal activists.

As per the animal activists, the owner of these two dogs was cooperative and admitted that he abused the dogs when he was totally drunk, and also when his neighbours constantly complained to him that the dogs were a nuisance to them, barking and chewing their footwear. Since the owner of the dog agreed that his dog could be taken away, one of the animal lovers carried the dog to her home on Saturday 29 May morning at 11 am. The other black coloured dog which ran away had come back on Saturday night, and after its owner called one of the animal lovers to take it away, was picked up on Sunday morning, and now both the dogs are happy under the care of an animal lover. Indeed a happy ending for these cute little innocent four-legged furry animals. The animal lover where these two dogs are under lovable care is trying to find someone who can adopt these dogs, which are around 3-4 months of age, and which are lovable and playful pets, where one could be their new parents.

One thing that we people should realize is that all dogs, whether they are stray, community or pet dogs have rights and are protected by law. Moreover, there are activists who will ensure these laws are enforced and the necessary action taken. If they think there are no repercussions or consequences to such brutal acts, they are terribly mistaken! If found guilty it’s imprisonment for 5 years! A dog is a living being and their lives matter! Especially to us. Abusing or torturing animals is a case of a malicious act. Most research splits between passive and active cruelty. Passive is like when a person doesn’t do anything to the animal but neglects it. But cases like this one are active cruelty. It can be a reaction to a perceived problem. For example, a neighbour that’s fed-up with a dog’s barking or dog’s menace or a person bitten by a dog.

Killing an animal is similar to killing a human being because both have lives. It’s true that the stray dog menace is increasing day by day in Mangaluru too, and even though it’s not publicized, there are dog biting cases coming to Wenlock hospital regularly- and no officials from the Animal Control Board nor the District Administration nor Mangaluru city corporation had taken any preventive measures to such issues. Anyone being cruel or killing an animal, such an act is a violation of section 11 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act-1960, sections 426, 429 of the Indian Penal code and section 93 of the Karnataka Police Act.

The increasing stray dog menace in cities leaves us with a bloody reminder every now and then but it’s back to square one in a distressingly short time. It is the duty of the civic agencies to curb dog populations through humane birth control measures. But it does not seem to be working. The authorities cannot simply pass the buck to animal rights activists- the activists are doing the best they can, but the involvement of officials of civic agencies is also a must in tackling the stray dogs’ menace. And it’s also the duty of the citizens, as much as it is of the MCC, to ensure roadsides are not turned into festering garbage dumps, offering strays a feast of leftovers.

Yes, hundreds of stray dogs in our city depend on daily markets, restaurants and local good Samaritans who feed strays. But with coronavirus sending people into isolation and public establishments shutting down, strays have a hard time finding food. Apart from these stray animals, even destitute and beggars are starving with no one serving them, since restaurants and other eateries are closed. Pandemic or no, feeding hungry stray animals is not accepted by everyone, where animal lovers have been harassed for feeding dogs- but that’s a different story. The crisis comes just as street dogs—which often are “indies,” an affectionate term for native Indian breeds—have experienced a popularity boost, with more people adopting them as pets in recent years. With coronavirus cases on the rise, some owners are deserting pets “simply because they don’t feel like it’s safe to have a dog anymore. There are, of course, people who just want to get rid of their dogs, and [take] advantage of this corona excuse.

And this is where the help of Animal Lovers is badly needed, and for that matter, we have these Animal lovers on a mission to feed or rescue the stray dogs, no matter what criticism or backlash they face from non-animal lovers- but they are determined to show the community and the world, that they have accepted the gauntlet to make a difference and won’t give up until their mission is accomplished- a STRONG MISSION to feed the stray animals, especially stray dogs. Kudos to these ANIMAL LOVERS! The stray dogs are being fed with rice and curry, sometimes doggy treats, and I bet these strays might have been wagging their tails continuously with gratefulness to these generous people, for the BEST TREAT they got so far in their street life!

And while these few animal lovers are doing their part in feeding the strays, it would be a good gesture from other Mangaloreans to feed as many strays as possible in their areas and whenever possible to help the animals and the destitute survive. And you should know that Street dogs, cows, and birds can neither get nor give coronavirus to humans. However, in the event of a lockdown, if they are not fed, many will die, creating another kind of a problem. There should be many animal lovers in Mangaluru, and therefore, it is the need of the hour that at least you all come forward and feed these hungry four-legged, and also the beggars, if you come across.

Just like we humans need our daily essentials, the district administration should allot time for designated workers or volunteers to provide food and water to strays since it is also an “essential service”. They should also run awareness campaigns for the public to adopt feeding street animals in such a lockdown. Law enforcement agencies may also be directed to see that animals do not suffer due to hunger during the COVID-19 lock-down. While world leaders, health experts and epidemiologists are doing their best to find a way to prevent or at least slow down the spread of the pandemic, it is important to remember the health and safety of animals that depend on humans for their survival. While animal activists in Mangaluru say that stray dogs are kind, calm and friendly with strangers, it is sad to note that these “Man’s Best Friends” often face harm from human beings.

Team Mangalorean kindly request our readers and their relatives and friends, to come forward and feed the stray animals in your area, so that they won’t suffer from starvation. Your kind gesture will be very much appreciated. If these bunch of Animal Lovers can do it, You too can – and YES, WE ALL CAN DO IT TO SAVE THESE ANIMALS FROM THEIR ABUSIVE MASTERS OR FROM HUNGER & DEATH!

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  1. Good work by few people. However selling animals, puppies is also a new racket. We should be aware and adoption of animals should be free. This will encourage innocent animals get genuine homes

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