‘Anna Beda, Yenne Beku’! says Homeless Man-Poor Throw Away Donated Food

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‘Anna Beda, Yenne Beku’! says Homeless Man-Poor Throw Away Donated Food

  • ‘Anna Beda, Yenne mathu Gutka Beku’! ( Don’t want Rice/Meals, Want alcohol/gutka) says Homeless Man- Poor Throw Away Donated Food During Lockdown, near Nehru Maidan, State Bank bus stand and in that vicinity.

Mangaluru : Sad but true! Hundreds of homeless people, migrant workers and destitute are wandering in the City, and are facing hardships from the day one the lockdown started- and the situation is getting from BAD to WORSE, with the district administration and Mangaluru City Corporation turning a blind eye towards these helpless masses. While quite a few of these beggars and migrant workers are kept in shelter homes, but still a majority of them are still wandering or spending their days and nights on streets/pavements/in front of closed businesses etc- a LIFE, which is not fit for a human being, if you look at it that way. I think it is the total negligence of the district administration, MCC and other bodies to put these people in such misery, with no proper food and shelter, during the lockdown.

While the government had promised that not a single poor person, migrant workers or other labourers would sleep hungry, that was a lie. There are homeless, destitute, labourers stranded in various places and are running out of food. The call for physical distancing from the government is lacking among these poor masses. The government should provide relief and better facilities, if not there are chances of disease spreading in the community. The admin is too particular about maintaining guidelines of covid-19 and following social distancing, but has turned a blind eye towards these folks on streets, who are not following the guidelines nor social distancing- they are a total scare of spreading Coronavirus/Covid-19 disease. When many NGO’s and Good Samaritans serve lunch and supper at the same time, a lot of food is wasted also. Why can’t the admin or MCC provide food for these needy-why depend on NGOs’? Is the administration or MCC aware of it?

Good Samaritans Render Help While Govt & District Admin Ignore the Homeless during Lockdown
It was due to the sudden lockdown that these poor people had to face all these inconveniences, so why is the government and the administration making them suffer. It’s sad to watch the faces of some of these people who are in distress and depression. People are facing problems with washrooms, water and toilets. They are not getting proper food. Community kitchen centres have been set up at several places to cater to food for these homeless and stranded migrant workers, destitute, homeless and poor people.

Considering India’s struggle with the problems of hunger and malnutrition, while announcing lockdown, why didn’t the government think of this problem? Why is it that, in this case, the government has imposed the morality of ‘social welfare maximization’ on the poorer sections at the cost of their life? If the poor are to morally abide by the rules of lockdown to secure the safety of the bourgeoisie, why shouldn’t it be the responsibility of the bourgeois class to take care of these poor section of people to enhance the definition of ‘social welfare maximization’ in this period of crisis?

Quoting Saint Mother Teresa- “If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one” and Matthew 25:35-40 in Bible “For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me”- When government and district administration had neglected these poor masses, it is where all these NGO’s and other social organizations have come forward to serve lunch, evening tea/snacks and dinner. But with many of these organizations serving lunch, tea and dinner at the same time, these homeless people have been wasting a lot of food- and you can see the food packets lying all over the area where they take shelter.

And also for the fact that about 90% of these homeless, destitute and migrant workers are alcoholics, addicted to smokeless tobacco/gutka, they prefer these essentials more than rice and daal or chicken curry and rice. There are quite a few organizations serving food, and these poor people only consume the food of their liking served by the Good Samaritans, and throw away the other food items. Just look at the photos in this report, how much food packets have been wasted/thrown away on the ground. You can also see empty whiskey sachets/packets, which is a total proof that many of these homeless are alcoholics and they can’t stay away from liquor.

But it is sad to note that when people in good intention are providing meals, these homeless people are showing ungratefulness by wasting food. In order to stop all this wastage, the food donors should coordinate with each other or through the district administration or MCC, and make a schedule who will supply food on which day/date-thus the food wastage could be prevented. When many organizations serve food at the same time, these poor people will surely waste it. Hope I have made it clear through this report that, whosoever is donating food should coordinate with each other, or coordinate with district admin and MCC officials in fixing a time-table as to who is donating food on which day/time-that’s the only way we can prevent the wastage of precious food. Thank You!

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  1. Thank you Alfie for hi lighting this. I too am aware about the wasting of food. Many of my regulars complained to me too. I wish something could be done in this regard.

  2. 99% of this so called homeless people sitting around nehru maidan are alchololics and drug addicts. They openly consume drugs in front of morning walkers in nehru maidan. There are also drug traffickers openly making deals in footpaths and especially lower ground of nehru maidan (adjucent to town hall) in the early morning. Most of them are daily wage labourers who earn Rs 700-800/- per day. Now a days the daily wage worker in DK are not considered as poor. They earn reasonable amount of money. My brother who did mechanical engineeribg just earn Rs 12,000/PM, much lesser than daily wage labourer. The person who afford alchol and drug can also afford or substitute it for food. NGO”s who provide them food are well aware about it. Still they are giving them food to show off. They advertise themselves as they are doing great social work.

  3. As they say – Don’t throw the baby with the bath water. For every ungrateful homeless person, there are probably many more who appreciate this gesture from volunteers distributing food. This issue is not unique to mangalooru. This is a common issue in USA as well. Many homeless people refuse to stay at free shelter because they don’t want to follow any rules. Sad but true. This shouldn’t stop us from helping poor and homeless. My heartfelt thanks to those who are trying to help others in the midst of this corona pandemic.

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