Annamalai’s remarks on Annadurai receive flak in TN

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Annamalai’s remarks on Annadurai receive flak in TN
Chennai:  The statement of BJP Tamil Nadu state president, K. Annamalai against the first Chief Minister of Dravidian ideology, C.N. Annadurai popularly known as Anna (Elder Brother) on September 11 has led the saffron party to a difficult situation in Tamil Nadu.

Annamalai had while addressing a protest programme against Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments minister, P.K. Sekar Babu on his remarks against ‘Sanatana Dharma’ had made a statement against Annadurai also. He had said that “Annadurai had in the 1950s made a critical remark against the Hindu faith at a programme in Madurai which was staunchly opposed by freedom fighter Pasumpon Muthumarlinga Thevar”.

Immediately after the statement of Annamalai, AIADMK leaders had come in hordes against the BJP state president. While Annamalai refused to be cowed down by this, there are clear indications that the grassroots AIADMK cadres and sympathizers are having a bitterness towards BJP after the remarks.

AIADMK leader and former Minister, Sellur K. Raju had made a scathing attack on Annamalai and said, “There are people who are staunch followers of Anna who can cut the tongue of those who speak ill of the late Chief Minister”.

He also said, “In Tamil culture, no one speaks ill of departed people, including senior political leaders and added that the AIADMK leaders who had fervently criticized M. Karunanidhi while he was alive are speaking of respect about him.”

Former ministers and AIADMK senior leaders, CVe Shanmugham and D. Jayakumar have also come out against Annamalai on his comments against Annadurai.

CVe Shanmugham, who was a former law minister in the AIADMK government of Tamil Nadu, said that the alliance between the AIADMK and BJP in Tamil Nadu was more necessary for the BJP than the AIADMK and not otherwise. He had also castigated the Yatra undertaken by Annamalai as a ‘Vasool Yatra’ which means “paisa collection yatra”.

Social activist and retired Professor of Political Science, M. Kadambaran while speaking to IANS said, “The AIADMK, BJP alliance can go awry in Tamil Nadu, if the central leadership of the BJP is not restraining Annamalai. The BJP leader don’t understand that in Tamil politics, culture and identity are very important and if a neo- politician like Annamalai thinks that he can alter Tamil Nadu politics in a day, he is thoroughly mistaken and according to me, the AIADMK cadres and sympathisers are not very keen on an alliance with the BJP and their argument is now become more clear after the policeman turned politicians utterances.”


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