APD Foundation Completes 50th Instagram Live Session

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APD Foundation Completes 50th Instagram Live Session -‘Mangaluru City’s Environmental Goals should be Realistic and Achievable.’

Mangaluru: In an important milestone, Mangaluru based APD Foundation marked the completion of 50 Instagram Live Sessions with an exclusive interview with Abdullah A. Rehman, Founder and CEO of APD Foundation. The discussion focused on the developmental priorities of Mangaluru and the way forward.

The session titled ‘Connecting the Dots’ raised important questions about reducing pollution, waste management and other sustainable development issues. Abdullah A. Rehman observed that it is very important to be practical in our goals. “City Corporation has said that it wants Mangaluru to become a zero-waste city. But is it really practical? It would be difficult to even reach the 70-80% mark. It is better to define such goals in realistic and achievable terms like zero waste campuses, apartments, industry, house or office,” he said.

He also envisioned a scenario for Mangaluru whereby the city takes active measures to promote an environmentally friendly and sustainable lifestyle. “Our street lights should be solar-powered and we should introduce electrical public transport in a big way. It’s a good time to start urban forestry. City Corporation can also create cycling paths and pedestrian walking paths along all the roads. Citizens should be encouraged to avoid using motor vehicles and walk or use bicycles instead. People of Mangaluru are responsive towards development and I am sure they will accept such initiatives,” he said.

Yet another perspective that he highlighted was the ‘Young Earthlings’ theme. “Being idealistic, the youth are very vocal about environmental issues. We should give GenNext a platform to participate in. We should have TedX like programmes promoting sustainability,” he said. He concluded with a message of caution, saying that the price of neglect of the environment can be very high on individuals as well as on the community. “We have learnt the hard way that without health we can do nothing. The environment has the highest impact on both health and on the GDP. It is a proven fact that the environment, health and the economy are directly interrelated. Hence environment protection should be our main priority and we must get active on this topic,” he said.

Highlighting the achievements of APD Foundation, Rehman said that during its seven years of existence, APDF has trained 250 interns, 1500 volunteers and facilitated the direct and indirect investment of about Rs 70 lakh and Rs 3 crore respectively into public activity through its various projects for mitigating pollution, solid waste management, sanitation, human dignity and ocean plastic.

APD Foundation started Instagram Live Sessions in the year 2020 in an effort to provoke conversation and discussion on important issues concerning sustainable development. The online sessions lasting about 30 minutes are hosted every week by popular programme compere Nivedita Devadiga from Bangalore. It may be viewed on Instagram and is also live-streamed on Facebook.

In the previous sessions, important personalities like Commissioner of Mangaluru City Corporation Akshy Shridar, UN-Habitat waste management specialist Swathi Singh Sambhyal and home composting pioneer Vani Murthy (popularly known as ‘Wormrani’) have participated in these sessions.

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