APD Foundation urges Mandatory Conversion of MPTs to EVs to Combat Air Pollution

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APD Foundation urges Mandatory Conversion of Mangalore’s Public Transport to Electric Vehicles (EVs) to combat Air Pollution

Mangaluru: The Mangaluru -based urban environmental NGO, Anti-Pollution Drive (APD) Foundation has urged the state government to introduce mandatory conversion of the city’s public transport to electric vehicles (EVs) to combat air pollution and safeguard public health. In a memorandum addressed to Eshwar Khandre, the state minister for Forest, Ecology and Environment, the APD Foundation has highlighted the distressing impact of air pollution on public health and especially the well-being of outdoor workers, such as traffic police, bus drivers, taxi and rickshaw operators, street vendors, and waste pickers.

“Diesel-powered city buses are identified as a significant contributor to the deteriorating air quality. This compelling evidence underscores the immediate action required to reverse the harmful trend,” the memorandum stated. Ms Geetha Surya, the coordinator of the APD Foundation, submitted the memorandum to the Deputy Commissioner, Mullai Muhilan, at his office.

Drawing parallels with the air quality crisis in Bengaluru, the NGO underscored the urgency of adopting preventive measures to avoid a similar fate for Mangalore. It proposed a phased transition plan and expressed confidence in the local transport industry’s capability to execute the mandatory conversion of their bus fleets to EVs. “The success of this transition can be accelerated through strategic collaborations with EV manufacturers, financial incentives, and partnerships with environmental organisations,” the memorandum stated.

Abdullah A. Rehman, Founder and CEO of the APD Foundation, concluded the memorandum with a fervent hope that the government would prioritise the integration of EVs in public transport, underscoring their pivotal role in shaping a greener and healthier future for Mangalore’s residents.

The APD Foundation had earlier spearheaded the ‘Shuddha Gaali’ project in 2017. It was a comprehensive assessment of air pollution’s impact on the environment and the health of outdoor workers. This project underscored the urgent necessity of curbing vehicular emissions to create a healthier living environment.

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