Appreciation pours in for mother who thrashed eve teaser in K’taka

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Appreciation pours in for mother who thrashed eve teaser in K’taka

Hubballi: Appreciation is pouring in for the courageous act of a 45-year-old lady, a mother, who took on eve teaser, punched and handed him over to the police with the help of colleagues and the public in Hubballi, Karnataka.

Krishni Shiroor, a journalist working for a reputed Kannada daily Prajavani newspaper has shared her ordeal and how she faced the incident of eve-teasing bravely on social media. She has been receiving congratulatory messages for teaching the eve teaser a lesson.

Talking to IANS, Krishni explained that, the incident happened when she was walking towards the office from home at about 7 p.m. on Friday. “Two youths stood at the corner of the road. One started following me. He pretended that he was talking over the phone and used abusive, vulgar words loudly to intimidate me. The road was congested and there is no footpath. The miscreant became bolder and started touching me while walking,” she explained.

“Whenever I moved fast, he also moved fast and when I slowed down, he also slowed down. I could not believe it was happening to me in a public place and at a major junction of the city. As the road did not have proper lighting, I stopped at the junction. The eve teaser also stopped and continued staring at me,” she said.

“I pretended that I was calling the police, but, he did not care. When I really called up the Vidyanagar police station, they asked me to contact the 112 helpline. When I called 112, they started asking multiple questions. Then, I called up my colleagues from the office explaining to them about the situation,” Krishni says.

As soon as the eve teaser saw my two colleagues Pramod Kulkarni and Odesha Sakaleshapura, he went away. “They chased him on the bike, he ran backwards where I was standing. I forgot that my right hand is operated on and punched him. I thrashed him for what he did and the public also joined me. Later, he was handed over to the Vidyanagar police,” she says.

“When can trouble a woman in a public place without any fear, what about victims they target in isolated places? I have given a written statement to the police to take action in this regard,” she says. Vidyanagar police in Hubballi is looking into the case.

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  1. Very unfortunate that the police did not take up the issue immediately. It is a shame for the police! Don’t expect someone in trouble to call another number. Take charge. You take the call. Help the victim.

  2. This is because of utter failure system of police in India. In abroad police come within few minutes after call.

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