Archbishop Peter Machado Clarifies on Using Bible in Clarence School, Bangalore

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Archbishop Peter Machado Clarifies on Using Bible in Clarence School, Bangalore

Bengaluru: It has been brought to my notice that the Christian Institutions are once again being targeted for conversion in the alleged allegation of the children being forced to buy Bibles and bring them to Schools in Bangalore. This allegation is false and misleading. The allegation is about Clarence School, Bangalore, which is a Christian minority institution, where some parents have objected to the suggestion made by the Management to bring Bible to the Schools by the Students.

The Management of the School has clarified that such a practice was there in the past and, since last year, no child is required to bring Bible to the School or asked to read it by force. Being a Christian Minority School, it is within the rights of the Management to conduct Bible or Religion Classes for Christians outside of the school hours. The School is more than 100 years old and no complaint of conversion was made anytime in this School. The School has justified that moral education, based on the examples of the Bible, cannot be considered forced religious education. The Institutions run by other Religious Sects also give religious instructions, based on their sacred books. It is extremely unfair to target only the Christian Institutions, and whatever good is being done is labelled as “For Conversion!”

We heard that Government has plans to introduce, from next year, lessons on values from Bhagavad Gita and other Religious Scriptures too. If Children are requested to buy books of Bhagavad Gita or other Religions, can it be considered as forcing them to be influenced or inducing them to be converted to these particular Religions? Certainly not! Therefore, using the Scripture Books in minority schools to promote moral and ethical values cannot be considered as forcefully alluring the students towards their religion. The freedom of the parents to choose the school is as important as the prerogative of the management to convey certain concepts of moral rectitude and good behaviour in society. This cannot be interpreted as forceful conversion.

The burden of the allegation lies in providing tangible proof of conversion in the School. Let any member of the public provide even a single instance of conversion in hundreds of Schools run by the Christian Managements in the last few decades. We are aware that the majority of Hindus are with us, and it is obvious that it is the same communal bogey, which is all out to divert attention from the basic problems, that is besetting the society. Undoubtedly, it is having a “hidden agenda” to discredit the good work done by the Christian minority, especially in the field of education, social and health care.

While it cannot be denied that one out of thousand Christian minority Schools could have been overenthusiastic in popularizing the Religious Books with the general public, it is unjust to generalize that all the Schools are following this policy. The parents have the freedom not to send their children to such Religious Minority Institutions. On the other hand, can other Religious Associations that run educational institutions be debarred from encouraging religious instructions in their institutions, including the use of their own religious literature, outside of the scheduled classes for children who belong to their religion?

There are some unconfirmed reports that the Karnataka Education Department is deputing the Education Officers to check the Christian Institutions regarding the educational content that is being taught in the Christian Schools. Why only the Christian Minority Institutions are targeted?

When our Christian minority institutions are rendering selfless services to the society without any discrimination or partiality, levelling such false accusations and causing harassment by some fundamental groups and the education department cannot be condoned.

May I earnestly appeal to the general public not to be influenced by the false propaganda made by some fundamental and vested-interest organizations, and to join hands with us in shaping and moulding the future of our children?

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  1. But I still don’t agree with Arch Bishop. Why do we have to preach content from Bible to other Communities? It is the Parents’ responsibility to teach their children morel values.

    • Dear Anand , you are free to disagree and also free to choose not to put your child in a minority Christian School. Education is not just academics but the training of a child in a well rounded manner to bring about well being of body mind spirit emotions and relationships. This comes through values both spiritual and humanitatarian. Please also understand the fundamental rights if every citizen. No one is forcing any child of other religions to get admitted to a minority school!!!

  2. Every parent wants their children a good and ethical education with morals, values, and charity. These children have excelled in their academics and have earned name and fame. These children have acknowledged to their friends and families what these minority institutions have given them taken them to places. People who have not experienced this education system driven by values and morals are influenced by wrong teachings and bad mouths. God save such individuals and people.
    Main focus is shifted to these religious issues which is actually personal in nature. Even after our Independence still we see beggary, hungry, homeless, jobless, suicides, etc.
    Some communal forces are targetting the minorities all in the name of religion.
    Please note all the people around the world are somehow or otherwise seeking peace, joy and happiness and healing from their suffering, whoever tells them go there you get your problems solved they go, that is personal.

    Please for God sake, let’s focus on major issues which needs utmost attention in our society and community, rather than these religious issues. Live and let live our human race with peace and harmony.

  3. The Christian Minority Institusions have been giving all round education tinged with strong moral values of tolerance, peaceful coexistence and mutual respect. So many political leaders themselves have been educated in such institutions and their children ARE studying in these Christian institutions. They are also taught in Civics, the spirit of secularism as a Fundamental Right…to profess, practice and propogate ANY religion of their choice.
    First of all what is Forced Conversion? Is there a clear definition on this? Does any one know for sure? Is it stated in the Directive Principles of State Policy?
    God save our country from mutual hatred which is being heard only in this decade…

  4. A humble request to People who have hatred towards Christians, Christian run educational institutions, hospitals and other charity organisazions, please do not admit your wards to Christian educational institutions, do not admit patients to Christian run hospitals and do not approach any organizations for anything. So that you’ll have nothing to complain and you’ll let Christians mind their own business.

  5. Please do avoid all christan Colleges,Hospitals,Old age homes,and all of their services. We have many other religious establishments here in our country please Go for it. I can see our own children has no rooms and all other from different faith stand in the Q with some top recommendations to get admission. Dear brothers please do start more institutions and hospitals so you can do the way you want and no need to complain others. May God bless you richly and help you to start more in our country. If someone runs please do encourage to start more. If you have a faithful commitment and dedication you can achieve.

  6. Some so-called andhbhakts blame the Christian Community but they forget that the Christians help the destitute get food and shelter free of cost. If they have a real concern about their people let them start old age homes and take their care. Let them start education institutions and educate them, all their problems will be solved. If they can’t do that, why blame those who are doing yeoman service towards mankind.

  7. Minority Institutions used to have special Catholic classes for the Christian Students.
    But why bring in the Bible for the others. Then there should be classes on the Holy Mahabharata & do on for the rest.
    Minority Institution doesn’t mean a school of Theology in any manner. Yes, the rest should respect the Bible & in turn the Christian Institution, its Principal Machado should respect & encourage the study of the Holy Mahabharata during the period.

    Not just preach Christianity & have the Christian narrative alone. Mahabharata is a true shot good book. Please introduce the same for all in your school too. The Hindu vidhwans would be of help.

  8. It’s true that Christian institutions have been doing great service to humanity par excellence it is in golden words we are indebted to them everybody benefits from education today Christians are feeling hurt it is so sad and disappointing we have to appreciate their services

  9. 99.99% of Hindus in this country are peace-loving people, but the rest are fakes. These fakes are using the Hindu religious card. Never indulge with these fakes. These fakes are a waste for their own families. These fakes do not contribute anything towards nation development but only want to break it. Therefore These fakes should be rounded up and locked away in a remote prison for the rest of their lousy lives.

  10. No child can be compelled to receive religious/moral instruction. And that is a correct stand.But the Education minister has announced that Bhagavadgita can be introduced as part of the curriculum – for all. The justification he provides for this is that the Gita is not a religious text. His party and its friends can change their argument to suit their position. When they want , the Gita becomes a Hindu text and when they don’t it is just a text full of universal moral values. This is a clear case of double speak that the ruling dispensation is known for.

  11. It is already explained by the bishop that nobody is forced to bring the Bible. It is a Christian minority institution and others can not decide what to teach and what not to teach . Can I go to a non Christian house and tell him that from today onwards you people should teach other relegion books also to your children. There are so many schools run by institutions other than Christians. They have the options open.

  12. Modern India should do away with these Christian school. They are no good, even the products coming from these schools are no good. These schools believe in the philosophy of rat race, knowledge download. As a result the whole educational system in India has become redundant, we don’t produce any entrepreneur, even IT companies are nothing more than labour contractor, shipping out cheap software engineer to western world. Education should encourage people to think and not just follow

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