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Dr. K.C.Shet is a Professor at the Dept. of Computer Engineering, National Institute of Technology Karnataka(Formerly Known as Karnataka Regional Engineering College), Surathkal. Dr Shet is a Member of Computer Society of India, Indian Society of technical Education, New  Delhi and Member of Kodagu, Dakshina Kannada & Udupi Engineers Association. He has published over 170 research Papers and Presented a paper at 12th International conference on Biomedical Engg., Singapore. He has also conducted a study of Computer Curriculum in Ten Universities of Northern  Consortium. U.K under DFID ? INDIA –  REC Project  Network. Team Mangalorean welcomes Dr. Shet to Science Vision.

Many people have written on art of living. But it appears that there are two more faces for living: Science of Living & Engineering of Living!

While art of living focused on techniques of better living and comfortable living, science of living addresses systematic way of holistic living, and the engineering of living gives design for peaceful living.

Science of living must find answers for the questions such as

(i) Is there any schematic way for holistic living ?

(ii) Is there any life after  death ?

(iii) Is there any way to analyze scientifically the effect of food, body and mind together  ?

(iv) Is there any scientific reason why we should  live ?

(v)  Is there any scientific formula for  peace ?

While the above questions (i) & (ii) are partially addressed by Indian philosophers, the question (iii) is attempted by medical fraternity,   the questions (iv)  & (v) seem  to be tried by several  half hearted “swamijis”, some more research is needed  in this direction. For example, it is generally believed that “Bhajan” gives peace. It may be qualitatively true! But what about quantitative aspect? It needs extensive research! (e.g., how much bhajan for how much peace?)

The engineering of living need to provide design of tools for good living. In the 21st century, it seems, it is more needed than ever before. The reason being: the impact of innovation of mobile phone on fast living, the BPO & IT/BT effect on modern youth, profit before society, fast changing values and others seem to have contributed either positively or negatively on  good living! Hence the engineering of living must give us solutions for the following questions:

(i) What percentage of profit is to be considered good ?
(ii) Is there any design for peace ?
(iii) Is there any design for family stability ?
(iv) Is there any design for good  health ?( Similar to Yoga ?)
(v) Is there any design for disease free long living ?
(vi) Is there any engineering design for healthy peaceful living till or even after retirement ?

While several prescriptions for the above are already made available by various people in different walks of life,  there seems to be lack of proof for each one of the above. In other words, beyond empirical design, little evidence exists for scientific/engineering analysis.

Besides as one laboratory is not sufficient to carry out various issues  of above, various universities, higher scientific & technological learning institutes need to address them.  It is observed that universities in developed countries did take up above issues in isolation. There is no unified approach. What is needed is the combined effect of all above issues on humanity! For example scientific community tried to find clones for human being. Politicians and law makers put a ban to it. Why not scientists/engineers address these challenge for clones & its after effects?

India has been a fertile land for philosophical issues of life since the ages of Nalanda and Takshashila !

Perhaps, now it is time, we address these issues from multi-dimensional angle and paradigm.

Author: Dr. K. C. Shet- NITK- Surathkal

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