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Artistic Reflections

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Name: Carol Moras
Age: 12 Yrs
Parents: Canute and Gracy moras
Sister of Calvin Moras
Studying in St Joseph?s school, Abu Dhabi.

Born with artistic talent, Carol has shown her effort in trying out various forms/medium of art and the attached pictures are reflective of that effort. 

Pencil Shading: This art is done with shading pencil. The picture depicts light evening refreshments.  The artist has used the light incident from an angle and has caught the pleasant evening mood on the coffee table in black & white.

Stippling: This art is done with sketch pen. The scenic beauty of the river side is captured in broad day light. Use of bright colours with remarkable contrast highlights the beauty of the scene.

Oil Pastel: This art is of the riverside with back drop of the mountain. The contrast of blue, green and brown using oil pastel shows close resemblance of water color finish. The artist effort to innovate with different medium of art is appreciable.

Pencil Sketch: This art is a replica of story book front cover "Mary kate & Ashely". The artist has tried her skills in replicating portrait drawing with the use of color pencil. Effort is commendable and is very close to the original.

Flower pot: This craft is a flower Pot, Material use are, Egg tray, aluminum foil, card board, colours.

Following Pencil sketch and Water colour based art bringing out various facets of the artistic skills.

Author: Carol Moras- Abu Dhabi

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