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As HDK vs DKS fight intensifies in K’taka, JD(S) calls Shivakumar ‘encroacher’

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As HDK vs DKS fight intensifies in K’taka, JD(S) calls Shivakumar ‘encroacher’

Bengaluru: The JD(S) has called Deputy Chief Minister D.K. Shivakumar (DKS) an “encroacher” as the fight between him and former CM H.D. Kumaraswamy (HDK) intensified over who emerges as the face of the Vokkaliga community.

Both leaders hail from the Vokkaliga community and have been in confrontational mode ever since the Congress government assumed power.

Kumaraswamy has launched a series of attacks on Shivakumar. He even stated that “it is never known when Shivakumar will again land in Tihar jail”. In turn, Shivakumar started addressing Kumaraswamy as “fake swamy” and challenged him.

In a fresh round of attacks, the JD(S) while taking to social media on Monday dubbed Shivakumar as “the blood-sucking encroacher”.

“He is the state’s DyCM and it is not correct to address him as a fool. We do not want to address him in that fashion. The DyCM of Karnataka has made the loot his everyday work and he is the one who is fencing lands belonging to others and sucking their blood. This is the ill-fate of Kannada people,” it stated.

“The people are asking if is there no end to the atrocities which are backed by the high command. The end is certain and one has to wait. A sentence will have to be ended with a full stop,” the JD(S) stated.

“Once the darkness sets in, the percentage team is thronging the houses of leaders of the opposition parties. Is this polluted politics tenable? Is this about keeping promises made to people? He is rejoicing on the money of the people, the party started referring to ‘operation hast’.

“He (Shivakumar) had pledged the state of Karnataka to the high command. The political agent of modern East India Companies. The crorepati of Karnataka. Throughout his life, he minted money through brokerage and presently he is attacking former CM H.D. Kumaraswamy,” the party charged.

“The total Congress party is a team of percentages. Their official duty is taking commissions. The guarantees are the loot, lobbying and illegalities. The elections in other states are a gold mine for them. Will they listen to the statements of Kumaraswamy?” JD (S) said.

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