ASI Jagadish Slaps Fines on Bus Drivers for Not Stopping at Designated Bus Shelter

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ASI Jagadish of Kadri East Traffic Police Station Slaps Fines on Bus Drivers for Not Stopping at Designated Bus Shelter on Bunts Hostel Road near Goldfinch Hotel/Opposite Maharaja Restaurant

Mangaluru: Here we have yet another example of a BUS SHELTER where buses don’t stop in front of it, nor any commuters are using it. A clear example of lakhs of tax-payers money spent on construction of bus shelters at various places by Mangaluru Smart City Limited (MSCL) and Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) going to waste as these bus shelters are not being used, since buses don’t stop there and commuters wait for their respective at a different location. What a waste of Peoples’ Money on Unplanned Bus Shelters In the City’?

Where you really need a bus shelter, there is none-otherwise you see a bunch of bus shelters where commuters don’t use nor buses stop there. Ironically, there are a few bus shelters constructed on routes where buses do not ply. This is a waste of taxpayers’ money. There is one bus shelter that is rendered useless to commuters as the place in front of the bus shelter has turned into a commercial place with vendors selling vegetables on pushcarts. A majority of bus shelters do not have bus bays. Buses stand right in the middle of the road, blocking traffic and endangering the lives of the people, especially in crowded places.

Buses stop in the middle of the road to pick up or drop passengers. City bus drivers are a law unto themselves. Bus drivers not stopping at designated bus-stops is common here.These drivers are irresponsible. And this bus shelter built recently has no commuters waiting for the buses, the reason being the bus drivers don’t stop the bus to pick up or alight a passenger. To crack down on such bus drivers, this morning ASI Jagadish along with his colleague Manjunatha slapped fines on bus drivers for not stopping at the designated bus shelter.

Many bus drivers and conductors had arguments with the ASI saying that they were not aware of the bus shelter in operation and no one had advised them to stop the buses there- but without listening to their excuses ASI Jagadish punched in the bus registration numbers and printed out a fine ticket for Rs 500. Many such offenders were slapped with fines of Rs 500 each during the morning rush hours.

It seems like the transport authority/public transport association and Mangaluru City Corporation have a mission. “It’s either more or less, but never adequate”. So, when people who commute daily by city or service buses complain of the hazards and hassles involved in boarding a bus, both the authorities seem to be aggravating the commuter’s problem. Bus shelters across the City are in shambles. In many places, there are no bus shelters at all, and at some spots, there is more than one bus shelter- and there are other spots where makeshift stops have added to the misery of the travelling public.

Many bus shelters hardly have any commuters using it, other than homeless people squatting or sleeping. Even four-legged “man’s best friends” are seen taking a nap, some of them urinating. Another issue is that vehicles park in front of bus shelters making it hard for the bus drivers to stop on the road- same is the situation with this new bus shelter on Bunts hostel road.

There is absolutely no planning or policy when it comes to the number of bus shelters to be built at a particular point as some important bus stops where more than two bus stops are in a row, resulting in the bus drivers stopping according to their whims and fancies. In fact, there are no shelters at all at most of the bus stops in the newly added wards. There cannot be a worse hardship a commuter can face while waiting for a bus for a long time. An overenthusiastic MCC and other organizations /associations have gone ahead with random construction of bus shelters, leaving the commuters more confused at some places and have completely ignored certain places.

Chances are that when the people are waiting for the bus in this bus shelter, the bus might stop ahead near Jyothi Circle, opposite to the demolished Jyothi talkies.the next shelter. There is no proper display of route numbers on the bus shelters either. Seems like there is a lot of disarray in the construction of more than one shelter at a particular stop between the planners.

Also when there is a bus shelter where commuters are not using it, chances are that illegal folks use it for illegal activities, also four-legged animals like stray dogs and cows use it for their shelter. The city and transport authorities have to come out with a solution as to how to put these bus shelters in use-one way they can do it is educate the bus drivers or post bus route numbers/destination names in front of these designated bus shelters. And also not allow other vehicles to park in front of bus shelters. Why have bus shelters when buses do not stop there? Period!

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