Assembly Elections 2023, a Landmark Election Which Decides Whether we need Democracy or Dictatorship – Prithviraj Chauhan

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Assembly Elections 2023, a Landmark Election Which Decides Whether we need Democracy or Dictatorship – Former Chief Minister of Maharashtra Prithviraj Chauhan

Mangaluru: “Today we have entered the last phase of the elections 2023, let me emphasise that this is a very important election not only for the people of Karnataka but will impact the next elections that will take place in 2024. The National Elections 2024 will decide whether this country will continue to be a democracy or will be ushered into an elected dictatorship as we are seeing every day. This election will be a landmark election. The main theme of the elections is before you as you see various surveys which say that Congress will win the elections with a clear mandate. Naturally, the ruling BJP will try their best to try and… Since 1994, the last 6 assembly elections people of Karnataka have given full support to the Congress”, said the Former Chief Minister of Maharashtra Prithviraj Chauhan during a press meet held at the Congress Bhavan, Mallikatta here on May 5.

Addressing the media persons Chauhan said, “Narendra Modi in the 2014 campaign gave many promises and the most important promise was “Na Khaunga Na Khane Dunga” (I will not be corrupt nor let anybody else be corrupt). I will not raise this issue because Rahul Gandhi has already raised this issue in the parliament and shaken up the Modi government. Never before in the history of Democracy, on the charges of defamation has a person been convicted and sentenced to two years in jail. Rahul had asked what is the relationship between Modi and Gautam Adani. And Rahul was disqualified from the Member of Parliament. Modi’s corruption was exposed, and now he has come to Karnataka to ask for votes. In 2018, the people of Karnataka, the Congress Party along with JD(S), formed the government. We ran that government for a year. But by the infamous Operation Kamala, the BJP leaders through horse-trading purchased Congress MLAs and BJP came to power. In BJP, one CM went to jail on charges of Corruption and the current CM is running a 40% commission government, the most corrupt government of Karnataka ever since its independence. The people of Karnataka do not want a Corrupt identity and have decided to throw this corrupt government in the forthcoming Assembly elections”.

Chauhan further said, “One MLA’s son was caught while taking a bribe of Rs 60 lakh and when his house was raided, they got Rs 8 crore. What action did the BJP government take? Nothing. In the BJP there were senior leaders, but why did the PM appoint Bommai, an outsider as CM, is it to collect a lot of corruption funds because of the money they have spent to topple the governments in Karnataka, Madya Pradesh and Maharastra and recover the money? It is a commercial transaction”.

Chauhan also said, “Corruption is rampant in Karnataka. Scams galore in Karnataka but no action has been taken. This is systemised corruption! BJP calling itself a Double Engine government is actually a double Engine Corruption. The most important issue before the nation is inflation, price hike and unemployment and the Congress party has given five guarantees to the people, to cope with it. We hope to win the assembly elections with a clear mandate and form the government. Once we come to power, we will implement all five guarantees. BJP is scared of losing the elections. I request the people of Dakshina Kannada to vote for the Congress party”.

AICC Spokesperson and MLA of Maharastra Charan Singh Sapra, MLC Manjunath Bhandary, District Congress President Harish Kumar and others were also present.

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