Auto Rickshaw Park Erected at Pumpwell Junction is Unscientific & Hazardous

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Auto Rickshaw Park Erected at Pumpwell Junction is Unscientific & Hazardous

Mangaluru: The Mangalore City Corporation has erected an Auto Rickshaw Park named as “K.S Hegde Auto Park” at the Pumpwell Junction Bus stop (on route to Thokkotu/Ullal) Aam Adami Party -Mangalore questions the technical expertise of the Mangalore City Corporation unique solution of providing the auto park at the bus stop. This auto park has come up exactly at the bus stop location for buses heading towards Thokkotu/Ullal.

We, on behalf of the Mangalore citizens, AAP Mangalore would like to bring to the attention of the authorities the following points:

1. There is a movement of Auto rickshaw, in and out of Auto Park, when the buses are stopped at the bus stop and thereby creating dangerous situations for all.

2. The general public who waits for their buses has to stand on the road as there are no bus shelters.

3. The general public will move into the auto park while waiting for their buses. This will create unnecessary issues between the general public and the auto drivers.

4. Parking of buses on the road will hamper the easy movement of auto-rickshaws in and out of auto parks and thereby causing unnecessary traffic issues with all stakeholders.

In view of the above, AAP-Mangalore demands the authorities’ attention to the following:

I. It is beyond common understanding that bus stops and auto parks come at the same location. MCC to clarify how the interest of all stakeholders is addressed with this unique design.

II. MCC to clarify how the safety of all stakeholders – the general public, auto drivers and bus operators are ensured while alighting/boarding buses and auto movement (in and out of the auto park).

III. During rains and hot summer, the general public will make use of the auto park while waiting for the buses. As Auto owners have the exclusive right of their auto stand, MCC to clarify the position of general public/auto drivers/bus operators in hot summer and rainy conditions.

IV. AAP Mangalore foresees many issues of having auto parks at bus stop locations from the operation and safety issues. Therefore, MCC to revisit the same and look into the issue from all perspectives and thus ensure convenience and safety for all.

V. MCC has come up with this unique and smart solution of erecting auto parks at bus stop locations. It is obvious that a detailed project report developed by MCC based on which MCC has erected this auto park must be available with MCC.

AAP Mangalore request for a copy of the same be made available on MCC website so that general public can have better understanding of the technical aspects of MCC report. AAP Mangalore has taken this subject with the MCC, district administration and the traffic department. Aam Aadmi Party Mangalore working in the interest of the general public will continue to take up all civic issues and will work towards betterment of Mangalore.

General public are requested to contact 95134 48700 for all civic issues. Er. Rajendra Kumar AAP DK District Convenor

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  1. Has anything ever been scientifically in Mangalore ?? See the Roads, traffic chaos, most traffic signal lights only kept for ornamental value, most traffic cops only alert if there is VIP movement otherwise busy on their mobiles. Roads were bad enough now with the smart city project there is no difference between roads and footpaths. Pathetic….

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