Avail exciting discount and offers on latest Lloyd AC models

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Avail exciting discount and offers on latest Lloyd AC models

Lloyd, a subsidiary of Havells India, is one of the major players in the Indian consumer electric appliances market. In the 2nd quarter of the FY2020, Lloyd’s revenue has registered 56% year-on-year growth in its AC, refrigerators, and washing machine segment.

Air conditioners have been a significant revenue churner for Lloyd, amounting to almost half of its earnings. Lloyd air conditioners’ popularity has been on the rise in recent years due to their ability to deliver value-for-money products.

Nevertheless, AC purchase has now become more affordable with discounts and offers from various online and offline retail partners.

How to avail discounts on the purchase of Lloyd air conditioners

Here are some ways to get a discount on the purchase of air conditioners from Lloyd –

• Keep a tab on the company’s website

One of the easiest ways to avail discounts and better deals on AC purchases is by keeping a tab on the company website. Manufacturers often extend different offers throughout the year. Buyers can use those offers to purchase at a discounted price.

• Use credit cards for purchase

Credit cards offer a hassle-free purchasing experience, irrespective of the product. Moreover, they offer a great way to avail discounts on the purchase of air conditioners from Lloyd.

In case a buyer has a payment card that has an affiliation with a particular retailer or a consumer product company, he/she can receive an additional rebate on any purchase from that product.

Along with that, the reward points accumulated on credit cards can be used for this purpose. Users can gather these points over time and then redeem them afterwards to get additional discounts on any purchase.

• Use the seasonal sale offers

Online and offline retailers extend various seasonal sale offers, and buyers can use that to earn better discounts on the purchase of Lloyd air conditioners. Diwali sales, Christmas sales, etc., are some of the prominent examples of such events.

One of the best examples of such seasonal offers is the year-end clear-outs. During such events, which are primarily held at the end of a financial year, companies intend to clear their inventory. Hence, they offer a hefty rebate on their products, and buyers can keep a note and take advantage of this situation to get a better deal.

• Exchange offers

Another prominent way to get discounts on purchasing the latest models is by exchanging the older ACs. Here, the seller will evaluate the condition of an older AC and assign a price to it. Afterwards, they will subtract that value from the new purchase, providing a price reduction on the new purchase.

• EMI store

You can also visit the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store, a shopping platform, where buyers can make purchases at a discounted rate. These EMI stores have a vast inventory of products to choose from and offer competitive pricing. Shopping from an EMI store include the following benefits:

• Prompt approval
• No-cost EMI
• Extensive inventory
• Minimal down-payment
• Pre-approved offers

Along with this, buyers can use the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card, which facilitates the buying process and allow individuals to avail discounts and various offers. It also helps buyers to convert their purchases into flexible EMIs.

Individuals in the market for the latest Lloyd AC should also gather information on the same, to make a better decision.

Top 4 air conditioners from Lloyd to look out for:

1. Lloyd 1 Ton 2 Star BEE Rating Split AC White (LS13B22AB)
Price: Around Rs 24,000
Specifications: One of the best products in Lloyd’s current line-up, this is a 1-ton capacity product, ideal for cooling small rooms, measuring 90-130 sq. ft. Also, it has a multi-fold evaporator, which further improves its performance.

2. Lloyd 1 Ton 3 Star Split AC (LS12B32MX)
Price: Around Rs.26,000
Specifications: This particular product from Lloyd is a popular one owing to its features and price. At this price point, it is one of the ACs that provide dehumidification, and a 3-star energy saving rating, which translates into 15% more energy savings compared to a 1 star one.

3. Lloyd 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split Inverter AC (LS18I52WBEL)
Price: Around Rs.38,000
Specifications: This is a 1.5-ton ac with a 5-star rating that saves up to 25% on power consumption. Furthermore, it comes with an inverter compressor that improves its performance and longevity. It also offers a self-cleaning feature, which reduces the hassle of maintenance.

4. Lloyd 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split Smart AC with Wi-Fi Connect (LS19B35JE)
Price: Around Rs.37,000
Specification: Talking about the latest from Lloyd, this air conditioner is one such example. Equipped with Wi-Fi technology, this product allows users to control their ACs with their smartphone, further increasing the convenience factor.

Lloyd air conditioners have been a product of choice in Indian households, and its sales number supports backs this statement. Nevertheless, with adequate market research and keeping the above-mentioned pointers in mind, buyers can easily get attractive deals on their purchases.

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