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Ayurveda Pundit Acharya Ramesh Treats Patients Without Medicine

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Acharya Ramesh Babu gives treatment to patients abandoned by medical professionals without medicine in many cases. He uses self-made Ayurvedic and herbal medicines when only extremely required. He shared with this reporter his past, present and future plans. A person of towering personality communicates in detail with child-like simplicity and humility. He spoke at length on body-building, yoga and Ayurvedic traditional treatments of the past and present. He never even once swaggered about his achievements and feats and not showing off to blow his own trumpet.


Traditional meridian channel treatment is unique and such treatments are rare and not known to others. Acharya Ramesh had received Award from the former Governor of Kerala, V V Giri for his achievements. He has specialized in Marma (identified particular spots in the body) treatment. He learnt the basics from his father, Bhaskaran Gurukul and his father in turn learnt the tricks from his uncle. He learnt many a Vidhya (scientific methods of treatment) at a young age itself. He was interested and involved in sports and exercises. At the age of six Ramesh practised yoga. He had seen and experienced his father’s many divisions of treatments and at 13-14, he took up body building.

Enterprising young Ramesh won first prize for body building. “I was awarded Bharath Shree by the Amateurs’ Body Building Association of India when I was 21” at national level. He went to Dubai at the age of 22 in 1976. There also he practised and demonstrated body building. Also began traditional treatments but not in a professional way. He started to acquire technical skills on his own.

He set out for the Middle East. He worked in Oil Companies. “All along, I have been helping friends to get rid of stress and psychosomatic ailments with yogic exercises and meditation techniques.” He said, then it occurred to him that he might devote his time fully for yoga since people seemed to have a need for it. Yoga is a scientific method of breathing, exercise and thought control which helps the body keep fit and the mind aware and relaxed. He claims that apart from weight control, weight reduction, muscle toning and nerve soothing, it is also relaxing and rejuvenating. Ramesh also offers yoga as a discipline that can get rid of addictions and improve other senses and faculties.

Oil Company liked him and took him for job and he worked in the Middle East for ten years. After marriage, he left Middle East and returned. Yoga and Siddha students lived in his house. Father was a great Abhyasi (talented and skilled person in traditional martial arts). Ramesh learnt many things watching and studied in detail.

Ramesh’s strength was the combined practice of Yoga with Ayurveda, Siddha and Marma treatment (meridian channel treatment). Dr Prakashan Gurukal was his yoga instructor. The real yoga is not found anywhere. He has visited many centres and professionals of yoga. The medicines used in his treatment are unique and nobody has the knowledge of such medicines prepared only by the family members. Ramesh engaged himself in Yoga classes, therapy and demonstrations for several years. Nobody had heard about yoga at that time but it was practiced by him and others in his family including his sisters. On return to his native place, he began the search and did research and understood many things which he had not learnt earlier. Many were not doing yoga properly as it was not real yoga, had no knowledge and the treatment practiced had no effect, he felt.

On self-interest, he began treatment with help of his father. Started Yoga Sutra in 1984-85. In 1996, Ramesh went back again to the Middle East and started in Middle East Yoga Sutra. Visited holistic camps, began to understand very carefully the intricacies of yoga. He started Yoga Sutra Institution in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. He began treatment for foreigners and people with incurable diseases. People such as Germans, Americans, Arabs, Iranians, Italians and Scottish and many others were his patients. Treatment was given for Airlines staff (executive staff) in their own villas. After two years, things did not go well as expected. So, he stopped the activities there and went to the US. In 1998, Ramesh accepted invitation from the Gita Mandalam Organization, South Carolina, Chicago and later his activities spread to other places. He returned to India after about one and half years due to visa problem and family being alone with small kids. He began Yoga Sutra in India for the second time. Meantime, he got opportunity to go to England, Scotland and Russia.

Seven Sutras were involved in his treatment- AYUSMAN : A for Ayurveda (The Science of Longevity), Y for Yoga Therapy (Therapy challenging death), U for Upadesha (Realized Soul’s way to truth), S for Siddha Therapy (Treatment except for death) M for Marma Therapy (Therapy involving the Marma points) A for Atma Gnana (Experiencing the real realization) and N for Naisargeeka Chiktsa (Therapy following the customs ad natural life style). Ramesh sticks to Earth Science, Supta Sutra and Yogic Science connection. He gives emphasis in practical exercise and tries for experience with all organizations. He speaks of no treatment, no yoga and no relation. He gives much importance to seven Sutras combination with Yogic science. He adapts to local situation and uses whatever is locally available in the market and this was method he used in all places including US.

After a while, Acharya Ramesh developed his own tricks and abilities in Ayurveda and Siddha. The new concept he made is Ayushman. He made a new science for all treatment of all diseases. Exercise is only a portion (part) of his treatment. His treatment is given in capsule form only. Ayurdeva is health concept, how to make a person healthy (Science of life). To be healthy means balancing of Vada and Pitha. Ayurveda in the business way gets in the wrong ingredients. “What I do is practical treatment, treatment to make a person healthy”, says Ramesh. Holistic way means full health. He makes wonder health components. He treats with allopathic, Siddha and other elements. Drs and staff of hospitals are treated. Important people such as Amar Singh, Rama Pilot, Rajesh Pilot’s wife, Fr Thomas Kalam, former Director of St John’s Medical College, Bangalore, Ashok Chadurvediare just a few. He takes up cases left by medical science.

Acharya Ramesh says Yoga Suthra provides complete health realization and ultimate success in life. Thus AYUSHMAN BHAVA. The treatment of Yoga suthra is unique in nature and practice. It is a combination of ancient Bharatheeya yoga Shastra and scientific yoga vidya coupled with natural forces and cosmic energy. It is revealed in the word AYUSMAN BHAVA itself.

Scientific yoga training from Yoga sutra will make one healthy, disease free, strong physically and mentally with a sober nervous system along with longevity. Yogasutra is engaged in continuous research activities to understand and update new avenues. The Saptha Yoga therapy system of Yogasutra is a boon to the ailing patients for prevention and cure of diseases. The approach is to take the patients to the state of sat-chit-ananda. The AYUSMAN system of treatment is a blessing.

Elaborating on Yoga, Ramesh says, through yoga practices, total treatment for body, mind and soul can be achieved. A happy and healthy life is assured to all those who practice yoga as ‘Healthy mind will stay only in healthy body”.

About Siddhy Vaidhya, he says, this particular system is the main contribution of eighteen rishis who achieved Ashta Siddhis. This system takes out the toxins in the body and rejuvenates the nervous system. This unique feature is the remedy for innumerable diseases. Nature cure techniques are very much employed in Yoga Suthra. Due to the negligence of human beings life span has come down drastically. Due to modern therapies and various reasons, toxins get accumulated within the body, are cleaned through natural kriyasto make the patient to revive his or her lost health. Health can be obtained by having right kind of food with the knowledge of the way of eating. Hence, to maintain the equilibrium of the body, most of the diseases can be prevented by food alone (Acharam Anushtanam).

Ramesh Acharya sharing his deep knowledge said Yoga suthra presents a wonderful treatment system with miraculous results, that too without medication. The patient is explained as much the condition of the disease and its adverse impact on the body. This helps the patient gain confidence and mindset is achieved before treatment commences. Whatever medicines are used in the given conditions of the patient are traditionally developed and formulated at Yogasutra only and such time tested medicines are highly result oriented.

Ramesh who speaks continuously on various topics, experiences and subjects – unless interrupted – exudes confidence in what he speaks. He says, among many other aspects, Yogasuthra with the unification of sapthasuthra has gained credential from the world over, without any mass media support. Removing the blocks in the nervous system with divine finger pressure, is achieved without any medication. Treatment imparted under Yogasuthra is delineated as: ‘YOGA SUTHRAL SAMSTHA LOKA SUKHINO BHAVANTHU’. As such, yoga is immortalized with the contribution from the treatment systems of Rishies, Hindu Acharyas, Yogasuthra therapies. The world has recognized this fact and the world is coming under one ‘Yoga Umbrella’.

Acharya Ramesh received international Awards and acknowledgements. Man of the Millennium Award, London is among others. He presented and demonstrated yoga for VIPs and at House of Lords. Detoxification treatment is important feature of his treatment. This helps open all nerves and he prescribes no medicine and diet. Ramesh humbly accepts “God’s grace is needed, not only my ability.” He is available in three places – Kannur, Thalassery and Bangalore, for two weeks a month. He defines Yoga. Yoga involves five senses. He says touching electricity and God-experience is the same (both cannot be seen but can be experienced). What we see cannot be grasped. Universe and people are only a small bit. He introduces yogic science and says we know anything only when using five senses. Yoga is of knowledge (Vigjanam). Jganam is needed, not wisdom. Yoga is of the realm of the wise.

Dr Amith Ramesh, son of Acharya Ramesh Babu is an Ayurveda doctor and did studies for five and half years in Bangalore. He has done allopathy training for one year in 2013 and at present helps his father. Mrs Krupa Ramesh (wife of Ramesh) helps Acharya for treatment of ladies. Marriage is not against yoga and Ayurveda treatment, he said but it should go together. Exercise is the main concept. All types of people meet him for treatment.

Union with God is an important aspect. He said he has given up all other activities – sports, body building and weight-lifting. Ramesh has done backbone and spine treatment successfully for many. Only one condition – patient should be willing. All his treatment, he says, is with God’s support only. He has also done treatment for MS (Multi-Soracis) in London.

Anish Nair, 28, working for an Ad Company had a slip disc problem since three years. He was seen at Ramesh’s place and confided to this scribe that he started the ten-day treatment programme. He was quite all right, he said. He followed Yoga Sutra, tablets and oilment and no ‘sit, stand exercise’. Slip disc happened due to an accident. Usually it occurs due to a fall and delivery-related issues for women.

K M Ramesh Babu, known now as Acharya Ramesh, of Tellicherry had won the “Kerala Sree 1974” title at a physique contest conducted by the Kozhikode District Weightlifting Association. He was a student of air-conditioning mechanism and a product of the Hercules Gymnasium.Twenty-one year old Ramesh Babu won the first place among the tall men group.

International Biographical Centre Cambridge, England has conferred on K M Ramesh Babu the nomination for International Man of the Millennium in 1999. A letter to this effect written by Nicholas Law, Director General of IBC reads “The International Biographical Centre of Cambridge, England is delighted to confirm your nomination as an International Man of the Millennium. This award, by definition unique, is issued by way of a limited edition Warrant of Proclamation. Nominations are conferred on only the few illustrious individuals whose achievements and leadership stand out in the International Community ……. This award, you will see that not only are recipients eligible for the specially-commissioned Warrant of Proclamation but can also possess the distinctive Millennium Medal of Honour so that you may, with justifiable pride, proclaim your nomination as International Man of Millennium…..”

Another letter written in 1998 by Cindy White, Managing Editor, American Biographical Institute, Inc reads: “Because of exemplary performance your name has been recommended recently to the Institute’s Governing Board of Editors for biographical inclusion in the Ninth Edition of International Directory of Distinguished Leadership……the handsome Commemorative Awards made available to you for specially recognizing your outstanding achievements. Selection is based entirely upon merit and I congratulate you on the fine example you are setting for your peers and society, Babu……..”

Yet another letter written by Dr S Ramananda, president, The Indian Institute for Talent Search reads: “I am glad to inform you that you have been selected for getting nominated for Awards and Honours…….by the Indian Institute for Talent Search, Mysore, India.The selection was announced by our Institution in a Press Conference held on September 18, 1998 at the Bangalore Press Club…….”

A letter written by Gurucharan Singh Sondh of 156 Woodlane, Osterley, Middlesex, UK says: In 1994, he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma stage IIA (Cancer of the lymph glands). Treated with chemotherapy and radiation treatment. In 2004, relapse of the disease stage IIB. Treated over six months’ period with ABVD chemotherapy only. In 2007, itchiness around back revealed another relapse of Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Doctors recommended stem cell treatment……and the doctors said the risks of infection were extremely high.“

“At that time I took interest in alternative remedies especially yoga and after a few practices I started feeling a bit better. I contacted a close friend of my family who was based in California, USA. He suggested that I contact Ramesh Babu who was a yoga healer based in Bangalore and Kerala. My friend had said that Ramesh had cured many deceases using his yoga techniques………I was too ill to travel so I invited Ramesh to stay with us in the UK while he was treating me.”

Ramesh came in May 2007 and started treatment. The treatment was to force out all the toxins in my body completely……After a couple of months during my treatment I began to feel a lot better. My doctors were surprised and happy that I was doing well with my alternative treatment. A scan had showed my cancer went into remission. The lymph nodes had reduced in size. After six months I was well enough to continue my treatment with Ramesh in Bangalore……. I went to Ramesh along with my daughter-in-law and stayed with him for further treatment. In 2008, we returned from Bangalore I felt I was cured. I was much stronger, healthier and fitter and had lost a lot of weight as well.”

“I saw my doctor …….. and he suggested further CT scans and that scan showed that the decease had stopped progressing and had reduced and that no further treatment was necessary. I continued to practice yoga…..and the doctors were satisfied that I no longer needed to see them again….I thank Ramesh from the bottom of my heart for treating me and getting rid of my life threatening cancer …..”

Professor Michael Polkey PhD FRCP, Consultant Physician, Department of Respiratory Medicine, Royal Brompton Hospital, Fulham Road, London, wrote to the British Embassy Visa Office to help obtain a visa for Ramesh. He wrote: “This is to certify that my patient, Mr Koshal, has requested that Mr. Kombara Maroli be allowed to enter UK in order to provide for Mr Koshal massage of a particular type. Mr. Koshal suffers from extremely advanced lung disease and has now reached the stage of receiving palliative care. He finds Kombara Maroli’s massage technique extremely effective at relieving the distress associated with his symptoms but he is not able himself to travel to Kerala any longer because of the severity of the illness. He has invited Mr Kombara Maroli (M K Ramesh Babu) to treat him in the UK and ….. my full hearted support.”

Anke Grambauer, 66 Belgrave Road, London, daughter-in-law of Mr Vinod Koshal, sponsored Ramesh Babu Kombara Maroli to go to London. “My father in law is receiving palliative care and is on oxygen 24/7. When my father-in-law was able to fly he visited Ramesh Babu Kombara Maroli, in Bangalore and Kerala, India. This was to receive massage therapy, which proved beneficial, in relieving my father-in- law’s symptoms. …….. My mother-in-law would like him to be at home with his family, in the final stages and feels this massage therapy will help relieve his symptoms and quality of life…….I shall be responsible for all costs incurred in supporting Ramesh during his stay, including his accommodation, return travel and all living expenses incurred.”

Star TV featured Ramesh Babu in their Monday health programme in the past under the title “The Positive Health Show unravels the mysteries of mind and body medicine, on Mondays at 16.00 hrs.”

There are thousands of positive and successful testimonies from people of all walks of life in Bangalore, Kerala and in different countries.

The body builder turned yoga guru is at present Acharya Ramesh Babu and focuses on traditional Ayurvedic treatments. He comes from a family in Tellicherry in Kerala, which had been practicing yoga for many decades. His father, K Bhaskaran Gurukkal was running a yoga ashram and therapy centre there. (Acharya Ramesh Babu can be contacted by Mobile: +919972662166 and E-mail: suthrayoga@gmail.com, acharyarameshbabu@gmail.com ).

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