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Bale, Right, Poi! Many Private Buses Supporting Renaming LH Circle have Affixed Narayana Guru Stickers…

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Bale, Right, Poi! Many Private Buses Supporting Renaming Lady Hill Circle have Affixed Sri Narayana Guru Stickers on their (glass) Windshields

Mangaluru: While Catholic Sabha-Mangaluru Pradesh, PTA and old-students of Lady Hill High School, well-wishers, alumni, Rotarians have supported to retain the Lady Hill Circle name by submitting memorandums to Deputy Commissioner Dr K V Rajendra, MCC Mayor Diwakar Pandeshwar, MCC Commissioner Akshy Sridhar, and other leaders- and also fans of Lady Hill School have started a petition campaign to stop the renaming of Lady Hill Circle in the name of Philosopher and Social Reformer Sri Narayana Guru, now all of a sudden, there has been news that private bus owners have started their campaign in support of renaming Lady Hill circle to Narayana Guru circle, which is yet another blow to this Catholic Institution which is trying all efforts to retain the original name of Lady hill Circle. (Ref: Resolution to be made by MCC Renaming Lady Hill Circle after Sri Narayana Guru Opposed )

It should be noted that in the same memorandum submitted to the above-mentioned authorities, the names being used in buses and bus stops were highlighted claiming that the significance apart from many others, and some think this might have made the bus owners/drivers and conductors go against it. Already the photos of many private buses in Kudla have put up Narayana Guru name stickers on their windshields supporting this move, and uploaded on social media has gone viral, which has upset the fans and supporters of Lady Hill School, some saying, “Why are the private Buses involving in this move, creating hassles and communal disharmony among the bus passengers belonging to various communities.

It should be noted that when Mangaluru City Corporation’s (MCC) was all set to make a proposal of renaming ‘Lady Hill Circle’ to ‘Sri Narayana Guru Circle, many supporters and students of the school had raised objections in renaming the Circle, and therefore MCC during its Council Meeting on 22 September had postponed the decision- making of renaming the Circle, till the next committee/council meeting scheduled for next month. (Ref: MCC Postpones Decision-Making in Renaming Lady Hill Circle Till Next Council Meeting)

A resolution to rename Lady Hill Circle on MG Road in Mangalore after the philosopher and social reformer Sri Narayana Guru who envisaged the idea of ‘One Caste, One Religion, One God for Humanity’ was expected to be part of the agenda during the second council meeting of the Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) which was on 22 September 2020. Temple authorities along with Several organizations have been demanding the circle be named after Sri Narayana Guru. Recently, a memorandum was also submitted to MCC Mayor Diwakar by Friends Ballalbagh – Biruver Kudla requesting the same. The organization also had submitted a memorandum in this regard to the Mayor and Mangaluru City South MLA D Vedavyas Kamath in 2018.

For some reasons or if any tricky games played, just like the renaming of St Aloysius College Road aka Light House Hill road to ‘Mulky Sunder Ram Shetty Road, this morning (23 September), there are chances that the Lady Hill circle could be officially renamed during Mangaluru Dasara festival at Kudroli Sri Gokarnanatha Temple which is scheduled to be held from 17 October 2020, even though the Mangaluru Dasara festival at the Temple this year will be held without much pomp in the wake of the pandemic. The temple was consecrated by Sri Narayana Guru in 1912, and the Lady Hill Circle is an entry point to the Kudroli temple from the Northern side of the city. So keep your fingers crossed, ANYTHING could happen ANYTIME, just like undemocratic and cheap politics played in the renaming of LHH Road/St Aloysius College road.

As philosopher and social reformer Sri Narayana Guru who envisaged the idea of ‘One Caste, One Religion, One God for Humanity’, why can’t we all live in unity and peace, forgetting all this controversial move made by a few people, in renaming a Circle-Oh well!

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  1. ‘Undemocratic and cheap’ as per the author. Democracy by definition is the will of the majority. Do you want to remain slaves of the Western practices and beliefs?
    How does changing the name be construed cheap? Would you prefer Tipu Sultan Circle instead?
    By all means one should respect the big institutions. That does not mean that the majority have no rights to express.

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