Banging Vessels & Clapping Hands Dist Congress to Hold Padayatra against Rising Fuel Prices

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Banging Vessels & Clapping Hands Dist Congress to Hold Padayatra from DK Congress Bhavan-Mallikatta till Rao & Rao Circle, against Rising Fuel Prices on Monday, 14 June

Mangaluru: At a time when people across the country are devastated by the Covid-19 pandemic, the constant hikes in the prices of petrol and diesel with the petrol prices reaching near to the Rs 100 a litre mark in some districts, while in Bengaluru and other parts of Karnataka as also in several states, the price of one litre has reached Rs 100 plus. In order to raise their voices against such a hike in petrol price, Congress on Friday, 11 June had organized protests with the tagline “100 NOT OUT?” all across Karnataka state, including Mangaluru, and few other states.

Addressing the media persons during a press meet held at Congress Bhavan in Mallikatta in the City, former MLC Ivan D’Souza said, “BJP governments at the centre and in the state were ‘looting’ the people by continuously going on hiking the prices even when the pandemic was taking a toll on the lives and livelihood of lakhs of people. They are looting the poor with these outrageous fuel prices reaching the Rs 100 mark, which will be a burden to all sections of the society. Instead of reducing the fuel prices, the government is hiking the price, which is absolutely bizarre. During Congress rule, even when a barrel of crude oil was $140, the price of petrol was still kept low as Rs 70 per litre. But today even when crude oil prices are very low, the price per litre of petrol has reached the Rs 100 mark”.

“The central government has taken such decisions during these testing times of the pandemic which has turned out to be a burden for the common man which indicates that the government is fooling people. It is time to raise our voice against this fuel price hike, and everyone should join in the fight to bring the petrol price down, which would help the common man survive during this pandemic. When fuel prices are reduced, then we can see the prices of other commodities come down too. Even though we led a protest on Friday, our fight won’t stop there, we are taking out a padayathra from the Congress Bhavan at Mallikatta to Rao & Rao Circle petrol pump on Monday, 14 June as a protest against the hike in fuel prices. Since Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked the citizens of India to clap, light candles and bang vessels to fight the pandemic, we will also follow in the same trend during our protest to bring the fuel prices down,” added Ivan D’Souza.

Congress party leaders Mohammed Kunjathbail, Mrs Appi, Subhodaya Alva, Shashidhar Hegde, Sahul Hameed, Naveen D’Souza, among others were present during the press meet.

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