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Bantwal: Getting Wiser from Others’ Experience – Attempt to Hack ATM Card Account Dodged

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Bantwal: Reports after reports appear in the media regarding conmen’s attempts to trick bank account-holders to reveal their details as well as secret passwords.

In spite of cautions, many gullible persons continue fall for the trick and get cheated. The victims range from the man on the street to the man heading the police hierarchy in the state.

Normally, the callers try to convince the prospective victim that the account-holder’s card was due for renewal and hence the password had to be changed. Thus they obtain the password and hack the account.

Banks could do well to distribute pamphlets in local languages rather than send bulk SMC alerts to caution their clients not to heed to phone queries about their cards.

Maybe after reading media reports, a good number of people have got wiser by now. There have been cases of some account-holders responding to such calls equally cleverly. One of them said that when he got such an enquiry, he tactfully asked for the caller’s name and thanked him for the ‘helpful’ attitude.

He also told the caller that he was on his way to the bank’s head office to personally verify what the problem about his account was.

A similar instance has been reported from Kepu village in the taluk. A resident received a call from +91 70330 73609, The caller spoke in Hindi and introduced himself as an official from the bank where the called person held an account.

He was asked to be given the number and other details so that the card whose validity was coming to an end could be renewed without hassles.

Our friend wanted to get neither into any trouble nor any argument. He coolly said that he would deal with the matter with the bank direct and hung up.

How one wishes more and more people had got wiser like this!

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