Bantwal: Goat Gives Birth to Five Kids at Neerakani near Vittal

Bantwal: In what is considered a rare case, a goat reared in a house in Gami at Neerakani near Vittal in the taluk has given birth to five kid goats at a time.

The goat belongs to Andunhi Gami, former president of the central Juma masjid in Vittal. He had bought the nanny from Kodippadi a few months ago and has been rearing it.

On Tuesday, the family members were happy to see the crowd rise to six all of a sudden. The young ones are said to be healthy and the mother has been suckling them.

Veterinary experts in Bantwal and Puttur said that it was common to have up to three kids but this was certainly a rare case, unheard of in the region for years. A senior veterinarian said that some particular feed could have caused the abnormally multiple births. Unless he knew the feeding habits of the goat, it was difficult to comment on it.

As the news spread, residents around kept coming to see the animals.