Beginner’s Guide to Enjoying The Best Casinos in Macau

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Beginner’s Guide to Enjoying The Best Casinos in Macau

Macau is the hottest gambling destination for high-rollers and players who are no longer satisfied with the otherwise high betting limits of Las Vegas. The number of tourists in the Chinese peninsula increases every year and more than 20 million people visit it. Most of those who come here do so for gambling, so their trips rarely exceed one week, yet Macau has something to offer to everyone. The hotel space available pales in comparison to Las Vegas, which has almost 7 times more hotels, but gambling revenues say a very different story. Both cities provide great entertainment alternatives beyond casino games.

A Tale of Two Cities in Macau

When admiring the vibrant nightlife, the skyline and the glamorous casinos and hotels, it’s hard to imagine how Macau looked a few decades ago. Gambling has transformed the city and the downtown looks very similar to Vegas. Although regulated land-based casinos are legal playing live casino games at websites like this is still forbidden. Casinos are at the cornerstone of the Macau experience, but a keen traveller can find many hidden gems when venturing up and down its narrow streets. Sightseeing here is far less expensive, so regular tourists who care less about gambling will spend reasonable sums.

Because of the proximity to Hong Kong, many travellers are advised to exchange their national currency into Hong Kong dollars. That’s because this money is accepted in both cities, so it is more convenient to use than the alternative called “Patacas”. In any case, you won’t have a problem in spending either of these two types of currency at the hotels, casinos and local shops. Speaking of which, Macau has emerged as a great shopping destination, for those who want to take a break from gambling, as well as those who come here for entirely different reasons.

When in Macau Play Casino Games!

Even if gambling isn’t exactly at the top of your priority list when visiting Macau, playing casino games is a must. That’s simply because there are so many exceptional casinos here and so many games to choose from that it would be a shame to miss out on the opportunity. A Macau holiday would be incomplete without at least some gambling and there are more than 30 casinos waiting for customers. For the sake of diversity, it’s worth visiting the most glamorous venues as well as some of the more modest gaming halls.

The dress code varies from one casino to the other, with some allowing casual wear while others requiring players to dress formally. Elegant clothing is expected when visiting the most luxurious Macau casinos such as the Venetian Macao-Resort Hotel on Cotai, the City of Dreams, the MGM Grand or the Wynn.

Slots and table games are by far the most popular games at Macau casinos, with Texas Hold’em being played at fewer places. Grand Lisboa is arguably the best place to enjoy the game and those who sit down at poker tables should prepare for a memorable experience. That’s because the action is aggressive and their peers will play most of the hands, in a quite different fashion compared to online poker.

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