Belgium maintains terror threat at level 4

Brussels, March 23 (IANS) Belgium’s Coordinating Body for Threat Analysis or OCAM announced on Wednesday that it would maintain the terror alert for the country at level 4, the highest possible.

OCAM head Paul Van Tigchelt told a press conference that the decision to maintain the level 4 alert came after a meeting on Wednesday morning, Xinhua reported.

Belgium’s National Security Council is due to meet shortly on the request of Prime minister Charles Michel, Belgian public broadcaster RTBF reported.

Alain Lefevre, director-general of the Belgian Federal Crisis Center, said work to identify the victims was going on and it was not yet possible to give a definite number of fatalities and casualties.

Lefevre said a special centre has been opened in the military hospital at the Brussels suburb of Neder-Over-Hembeek for anyone seeking information about relatives or friends who were victims of the attacks.

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Ross Douthat, tweeted a question for which most Europeans do not want an answer.

“Um … so how exactly did Europe end up with so many “citizens” who despise European civilization? “

Original R.Pai

Terror level threat at 4 ??? I hope it doesn’t offend Jihaadi Shaikh!! More importantly, I request our ‘brave’ journalists, social workers, minority communities and ‘secular’ groups to stay calm and not to accuse Belgium of ‘moral policing’ for being tough on terror groups. Everyone will forget this within a few days and get back to the old habit of allowing hundreds of thousands of peaceful folks to enrich the diverse multi-culturalism in Europe!!

Original R.Pai

This one is for AS Beef Mathew and other clueless members of ‘Beef Club’ known for Hindu-bashing. Watch this really short video clip/interview to hear the words directly from an individual who returned from Syria!!

Europe RIP!!!


This one is for Beef Mathew …. drone drone.. yawnn – So gone Rampa You know, pyare Rampa, The other day I was wondering if the Beef Jokers Party had fulfilled EVEN ONE of their pre & post-election promises. I thought long and hard and couldn’t think of EVEN 1 thing. No 15 laksha, no swaccha bharatha, no ‘MACK’ in India and no jobs! So I thought some more. Zilch! And then on not so fine a day, I felt like having some Beef (it is Carabeef of water Buffalo, actually!) And by the sanctified beard of Abe Lincoln, I… Read more »

Original R.Pai

Joker Pinto personifies the illiterate minority mindset better than anything. What does he do in response to a terrorist attack that killed a few dozen people and injured many more? He does the only thing that was taught for generations by his masters – Attack sanaathana groups!! He hasn’t realized that his masters have left India long ago and they are fighting for their own survival back at home!! oh well, after all, ignorance is truly bliss. Learn it from joker pinto!!


Attack SD groups? U OK in your head? Any proof?

WHO is siting in ‘phoreen land’? U or me? WHO is …….. No probs ya Rampa…… u do what u have to… i do what it it takes to do mine.

Just stop yammering.

Original R.Pai

Your post doesn’t make any sense clearly proving what I have been telling about you for a long time!! Looks like you consumed more beef than your normal limits resulting in such a gibberish!!


Rampa, first of all you have to be a little patient with yourself! And then, you have to learn to read a bit – NOT your usual ‘surathi/rathi….’ stuff. And then, you’ve gotta learn to write. In the interim, a couple of dips in the Holy Ganga wouldn’t be too bad an idea! If nothing, it should at least purge you off your minority bias – esp regarding the misdemeanors at MIA. But then, do you have the time and the money? Will your Texan overseer (Buffalo Bill) allow you to travel ‘abroad’ even for a day or two? I… Read more »

Original R.Pai

Why are you displaying ‘hotte uri’? Is it because you never really got a chance to travel to West? When I say west, I’m not referring to Saudi Arabia that is west of your panamboor beach!! LOL


Did your Texan overseer (Buffalo Bill) with the 10 gallon hat, halitosis and a half-foot cigar tell you that Saudi Arabia is west off Panambur beach? If so, many congrats! Yumreeka truly has talent and you, Rampa – you shine the brightest!