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Bengaluru:Kannada litterateur Mahadeva to return awards

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Bengaluru (PTI) Citing ‘rising intolerance’ in the country, noted Kannada litterateur and social activist Devanur Mahadeva today said he would be returning his Padma Shri and Sahitya Akademi awards.

He said returning of these awards now was only a gesture as he would be unable to return the indirect benefits he has enjoyed from these awards and feels constricted for it.

“Against my personal behaviour, I remained patient even as many authors and literary figures returned their awards, raising their voice against intolerance in the country, but I’m feeling disgusted after few writers and artists stood in support of those in power,” Mahadeva said in a statement.

He alleged that the principles of free speech, tolerance and social justice on which India gained independence has been shrinking after the Nehruvian period.

“These principles  are the breath for cultural and social India that we have to construct, but unfortunately there is intolerance spreading in the country without understanding any of this,” Mahadeva added.

Known for his work in Dalit literature, he was honoured with Kendra Sahitya Akademi award for his novel “Kusuma Baale” in 1990 and conferred with Padma Shri in 2011.

Mahadeva, without naming anybody, also criticised leaders of the Union Government for branding return of awards by literary personalities as their intolerance against Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

He said those forces spreading intolerance in the country feel ‘protected’ by the central government, because of which they are openly indulging in acts that are disturbing peace.
“Current central government will have to introspect about this to be able to provide good governance,” he added.

Mahadeva’s important works include Dyavanuru, Odalaala, Kusuma Baale and Edege Bidda Akshara, among others.

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  1. oye man, dont you know kalburgi was murdered in karnataka under congress rule and Dadri case under SP rule? Also don’t you know these 2 parties are so called secular parties and their definition of secularism is not “sab ka sath sa vikas” but “muslims ke sath, muslims ke vikas”..you man, you should protest against these governments. You man, you want Modi personally give security to each one of these people in UP and Karnataka? Why did’t you return your award when,

    Taslima nasreen was beaten up by muslims for releasing her book, when kashmiri hindus were driven away in 90’s, when SIMI and IM plants bombs and kill innocent hindus in the country, when owasi said, keep police away we will kill Hindus, when Joseph hands were chopped in Kerala, when Liquor was banned in Kerala since IUML is in power, When Godra carnage took place where 50 odd kar sevaks were burnt alive, 1993 blast that killed several hindus and astrocities on Pak hindus in pakistan and bangladesh. Dont you feel for hindu sufferings? shame on you….you man

  2. Who is this Mahadeva? Did he deserve the awards in the first place and who gave him the awards? Awards should not be so cheap and politically connected as anyone can receive such awards and return them whenever they want. Instead, these awardees, if they really deserve the awards should advise the Government as what they can do to help the government to alleviate the problems and not what the government can do to satisfy their politically motivated egos.

    • Who is this Mahadeva? Did he deserve the awards in the first place and who gave him the awards? – Sas

      Lol! Hello… if he didn’t “deserve” the award, why was he presented with one? And anyway, if he wants to give it back, it is up to him.

      • “if he wants to give it back, it is up to him” writes dinka-dinka Praveena Pinto

        Oh really? What a genius!! Is there anything you want to share on this forum? LOL

  3. All the citizens of this country should know one thing, the government or any organisation does not chase you to give the awards.
    Only when these so called intellectual beg for the awards repeatedly and keep sending reminders then the government gives them the awards.
    Once these get this award then they spend all the award money, get famous by going to every news paper and television by showing it and then end of the day they start blackmailing the same government which gave them this awards.
    This is the reality.

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