‘Bhov Bolhadic Aadaara, Amcha Gavant, Amcha Ghara’! Feast of St Francis Xavier celebrated

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‘Bhov Bolhadic Aadaara, Amcha Gavant, Amcha Ghara’! Feast of St Francis Xavier celebrated

  • ‘Bhov Bolhadic Aadaara, Amcha Gavant, Amcha Ghara’! Feast of St Francis Xavier celebrated at Bejai Church, on Sunday, 6 December 2020-the actual feast day is 3 December

Mangaluru: It was a very meaningful celebration. Fr Wilson Vitus D’Souza, the former parish priest, celebrated the festal mass. Fr Vinod Lobo preached the homily. All the sponsors and benefactors of the past were remembered for their amiable service. Honours were distributed to the donors and sponsors. Many priests served Bejai Parish in the past, to name a few- Fr Melwyn D’Souza-Superior of St Anne’s Friary, Fr Cyprian D’Souza Capuchin of Athma Jyothi Ashram, Fr Anthony Serrao. The Bejai Parish community remains grateful to the patron St Francis Xavier.

Francis of Xavier SJ lived a life of poverty and chastity. He was raised to sainthood because of his intensive evangelizing, hard work and for prayerful life. During his lifetime he performed many miracles and was named as the Patron of missionaries of the world. Francis Xavier was a brilliant and attractive personality. As a student and lecturer at the great University of Paris, he came under the influence of St. Ignatius Loyola. Francis was among the first seven to take their vows in the fledgeling Society of Jesus founded by St. Ignatius of Loyola.

In about ten short years (1541-1552) Francis did the work of a thousand individual missionaries, spreading the Catholic Faith from Goa, over South India, Ceylon, Bengal, Cape Comorin, the Moluccas, Spice Islands, Malacca, and through the China Sea to Japan where he died alone, except for one companion, a Chinese youth named Antiry, on the Japanese island of Sancian, waiting for a ship to China. On his journeys, St. Francis Xavier converted hundreds of thousands, and the impact of his work lasted for centuries.

Then and there the history of the Church and its missions was changed by the workings of Divine Providence. So often it seems that there is a “sacrifice of brilliant talents” the ability to teach metaphysics in university classes and the meticulously acquired knowledge of Greek and Latin give way to the simplest form of catechism, as a missionary instructs the children, pagans, and cast-offs of many distant places, returning again to language study as he struggles with the idioms of foreign dialects. But God knows what He is about.

Besides his numerous cures, there were many other wonders on St. Francis’ life: gifts of tongues, predictions, bilocation, calming a storm at sea, and more. Francis had been “all things to all men”; he was known and loved and even sometimes hated by great and small in all walks of life. Perhaps the greatest wonder of all is the fact that he baptized 100,000 with his own hand. That remarkable right arm is still preserved and VENERATED in Rome.

Bejai Parishioners are blessed because we are living with the Spirit of this great missionary. Whatever is prayed through him to our Lord is heard and our wishes were fulfilled by this great Saint of Church, and he is always called ‘Bhov Bolhadic Adaara, Amcha Gavant, Amcha Ghara’.

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