Big revamp slated in Cong, ‘Chintan Shivir’ to throw up surprises

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Big revamp slated in Cong, ‘Chintan Shivir’ to throw up surprises

Udaipur: The Congress is in for a big organisational revamp.

The three-day ‘Chintan Shivar’ brainstorming session ‘ has the agenda for organisational reforms which will be put up, discussed and later implemented.

Congress General Secretary Ajay Maken said, “Our opponents have been faster in adopting new things, so now onwards our party will see the change after the shivir.”

The Congress will make an assessment wing comprising leaders which will reward or remove anyone as per the performance. This was one of demands of the dissident group which had been saying that in poll losses nobody is made responsible.

Any office-bearer cannot hold a post for more than five years and the person has to step down. There will be a cooling of three years before a new assignment is given.

The party will make a public insight wing, which will be an in-house survey team and will do day to day surveys to get fresh feedback about the issues and parties.

All committees will have 50 per cent office-bearers, who will be less than 50 years age.

The party will make mandal committees on every 20 booths, and each block will be having five to ten mandal committees.

On the ‘one family one ticket’ demand, only those who have worked for five years in the party will be given priority.

However, the Congress will not discuss the issue of party presidentship as the process is on for the elections.

The Congress’ three-day ‘Chintan shivir’ (brainstorming session) begins on Friday.

The session will start at 12 noon and Sonia Gandhi will arrive at the venue at 2 p.m. when the formal meeting begins.

Congress interim President Sonia Gandhi will address the gathering and the various groups which have been made for farmers, economy, organisation, youth and social justice.

These groups will conclude their discussion in two days and produce a draft resolution to be adopted by the CWC. Sonia Gandhi will speak on Sunday, the concluding day and Rahul will be second last speaker.

The Congress has said that Udaipur will be a new milestone of “hope, aspiration and change as India is enduring a painful and vicious assault on its democracy, economy and societal harmony”.

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