Bihar after Nitish Kumar

It was November 24th 2005, when after many speculations for the 31st chief minister of Bihar Nitish Kumar took the charge of Bihar. It was an end to the massive 15 years ruling of Rastriya Janata Dal (RJD) led by Laloo Prasad Yadav and partially by his wife Rabri Devi.

There was a time during 1975 when the revolution against imposing emergency in India lead by JayPrakash Narayan from Bihar glorified Bihar as an active state of India. But later ruling of Bihar especially by RJD in the 90’s took Bihar backwards. There was no encouragement for alien investors. Roads were in their worst. Law and order was nothing for the hooligans. At the end of the rule criminal activities were at apex. Everyone can recall the kidnapping case of DPS studying Kishley and the chain of kidnapping cases followed by that case during the regime of RJD in the early months of 2005.

Point noteworthy that in earlier elections in 2005 no single political party in Bihar got majority which forced imposing of President’s Rule in 2005 but later the same year Janata Dal United (JDU) lead by Nitish Kumar and its alliance with BJP were able to form a stable government in Bihar. So from November 2005 the throne attached crown in form of CM of Bihar was crowned to Nitish Kumar.

The citizens of Bihar had many expectations from Nitish after the 15 years RJD’s rule. They were demanding for the basic facilities. The state capital of Bihar-Patna for example was devoid of a proper drainage system. Working women were scared to remain outside home after 7pm. The administration was not cooperative to the common people. There were hardly any investments from any industrialists in Bihar and people were forced to migrate outside for jobs. There were hardly any good national colleges in Bihar and so even the student class was also forced to move outside for their higher studies. Even he agreed that the path would not be smooth and many things need to be done for the welfare of Bihar, to uplift the status of Bihar.

Now almost four years have passed, and it’s the time for Mr. Kumar to be testified. Started from road construction and inviting investors to Bihar, many historical things have been taken place in last four years of Nitish’s regime. Following are the changes that Bihar has witnessed during the last four years.


Once in a speech Lalu had said that he would make the roads of his state (Bihar) as smooth as the cheeks of Hema Malini but it never happened, rather it got worse. But Nitish Kumar made it real within four months of his regime and gave a hope for the citizens of Bihar, and they saw the fulfillment of their wish with their own eyes. In a few months they saw the drastic change in the face of Patna, the capital of Bihar. In between he cancelled the tender of Tantia constructions, an esteemed construction company of the state saying that the quality of construction of roads were compromised  and passed the remarks as ?Hum Garzu nahi hain’ (we are not fully dependent on them) and the basic problem of Bihar was eradicated by him.

The Concept of Janata Darbar

You might have seen Anil Kapoor establishing letter box for the complaints to CM but Nitish was one step ahead. He urged to meet the common people face to face and thus introduced the concept of ?Mukyamantri ka Janata Darbar’ which was later changed to ?Janata ke darbar mein Mukyamantri’ where he solved the problems of majority of the people so quickly and he was accompanied with a team to do so that included the DGP of the state and other high officials.

He was an Engineer

Unlike any less educated political leader like Rabri, he is well educated. He has done his engineering from NIT (National Institute of technology) Patna and he has an engineering degree, so a well educated personality suitable for doing development in any state.

His Team

It was a tradition of Bihar that some council ministers of the state government of Bihar used to have some ministers on which judiciary case was going on, named as ?dagi neta/ bahubali neta’ in Bihar. But the first work that Nitish did when he came to power was that he did not include any such person in his cabinet ministry who were claimed for any judiciary case thus signifying that the state government has fair politicians.

Sorrow of Bihar and its treatment

Kosi river of Bihar is considered as the sorrow of Bihar as it does not have a fixed line of running. This leads to the emergence of floods several times in Bihar so did happen in 2008 also. Many lives were lost due to this but Nitish with all efforts tried his best to help them out. He tried to arrange all the facilities including food, shelter, medicines etc to the displaced people and again proved his duty towards the citizens.

Limiting his boundaries

You might have heard about the successful chief minister of west Bengal, Jyoti Basu who restricted his boundary and wanted to be confined within a limit. Same is the situation with Nitish Kumar. He has restricted his limitation. I have heard a lot of interviews of Nitish Kumar, when he was asked if he wants to be the PM of India and he replies very politely that he doesn’t think he is suitable for that. So he just wants to serve the nation as CM only.

Secular Image

The most prominent part is that he is secular by nature and choice, as what one could expect for a CM or PM. We have seen him several times celebrating Eid with his Muslim friends and people. And hardly he has ever passed any communal speech and asked for votes during election campaign. His subject was only development and he assured that if development is being not witnessed by the state he would never come to seek votes from the people.



Invitation and encouragement to industrialists

Other face of the Nitish led government was that he highly encouraged the entrepreneurs to establish their industry in the state and assured them of the security. He was seen many times with the industrialists persuading and encouraging them to establish their industries in Bihar.

IIT and AIIMS in Bihar

When it was announced that Bihar government can build one Indian Institute of technology (IIT) in Bihar he generously gave 500 acres of land in Bihta (near Patna) for the establishment of the same.

Reopening of Nalanda University in Bihar

Once upon a time Nalanda University in Bihar used to be a centre for national and International studies in India. But this historical University of India which glorified Bihar and India was closed and now one can see the ruins of this University in Nalanda almost 250 Kms from Patna. But I think Nitish Kumar has the firm dedication to establish the same glory to Bihar and thus started working for the reopening of the same. Few months ago former president of India A P J Abul Kalam visited Nalanda and work to restore the University has begun. Noble Prize winner Amartya Sen has already given his consent for working in Nalanda University and recently Nitish discussed some plans with the founder of Microsoft Bill Gates for the welfare of Bihar.


So the outcome was clear, it was predetermined by the different political party that Nitish has proved himself as a persona of development and the people of Bihar would give him majority of votes. Recently he was declared as the Best CM of the year by CNN-IBN and Hindustan Times in 2007 and Indian of the year-Politics 2008 and Reformer of the year 2009 by Economic Times.

What The People Have To Say

Whenever I visit Patna I always see a positive change in Patna which signifies that yes Bihar is developing. Now we can say with more pride that yes we are proud Biharis” –Neetu Chandra, Bollywood Actor

I had many expectations from Nitish Ji. I knew he is a capable man but I am not satisfied with the pace of development work.” – Shekhar Suman, Bollywood Actor and Congress Contestant from Patna.

Now I don’t hesitate to work outside my home after 7pm. I feel secured after Nitish Kumar became the CM of Bihar” – Sristhi Agarwal, RJ, Radio Mirchi, Patna


Author: Manish Kumar- Manipal