BJP MLCs create ruckus in K’taka Council over ‘permission for worshipping Hindu gods’ in public places

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BJP MLCs create ruckus in K’taka Council over ‘permission for worshipping Hindu gods’ in public places

Bengaluru: BJP MLCs on Wednesday stormed into the well of the Legislative Council condemning a police notice to a cow vigilante which sought to know whether he had taken permission from authorities for conducting Nag Devta puja in public.

BJP MLC Y. A. Narayanaswamy raised the issue of Puneeth Kerehalli, a Hindu activist who was served notice by the police department. Kerehalli had organised a special worship programme of Nag Devta in Bengaluru.

The BJP MLCs raised slogans against the Congress government and demanded that the police officer who served the notice should be suspended.

Amid the ruckus, Chairperson Basavaraj Horatti adjourned the House for 10 minutes.

Narayanaswamy maintained that the issue has hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus.

Senior BJP leader Kota Srinivas Poojari questioned does one needs permission to perform worship, and demanded suspension of the police officer, after which the Chairperson asked BJP members to calm down.

When chaos continued, the Chairperson stood up and warned that the rules of the House need to be followed and asked them to listen to the government’s reply.

Revenue Minister Krishna Bhyregowda said the sentiments of opposition leaders have to be respected and the matter would be brought to the notice of the state Home minister and an answer would be given as early as possible.

Not satisfied with the assurance, Kota Srinivas Poojari asked if permission is required to worship Hindu gods, how people can take this matter lightly and demanded an immediate answer, to which Horatti said it is not tenable to demand immediate answers.

The House will be led as per the rules, the Chairperson said.

Minister Krishna Bhyregowda stated that there is a provision of two days to reply to the issues raised in zero hours.

Slamming Poojari, the Chairperson said that he did not expect this kind of behaviour from the senior member.

Hitting out at the BJP leaders, Bhyregowda said: “These people have destroyed the state legislature. They had looted the state. There is nothing beyond the politics for them.

Kerehalli is an accused in a murder case and is currently out on bail.

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