BJP MP Tejasvi Surya faces flak for ‘food over flood’ video

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BJP MP Tejasvi Surya faces flak for ‘food over flood’ video

Bengaluru: The unprecedented flooding of Bengaluru is turning a bit too hot for BJP’s young MP, Tejasvi Surya who represents Bengaluru South in Lok Sabha. Known for his oratorical skills, Surya has come under fire from the opposition party politicians and netizens, for allegedly enjoying ‘butter masala dosa’ and ‘uppittu’ at a local eatery.

In a video that has gone viral, the MP is seen at an eatery that has drawn people’s attention on social media.

Claiming that the video is from September 5, the Congress party’s national social media co-coordinator, Lavanya Ballal, attacked Surya for enjoying himself while citizens of Bengaluru were suffering from flooding.

“Video dated 5th September. @Tejasvi_Surya was enjoying a good breakfast while Bangalore was drowning. Has he visited even a single flood affected region?” Ballal tweeted.

The AAP also took to social media and targeted Surya over the issue.

“When Rome burnt, Nero Fiddled ! When Bengaluru drowned, @Tejasvi_Surya ate Dosas and mocked the very people who voted him to power ! Remember this picture and his smile when you vote next !” AAP leader Prithvi Reddy posted.

Several Congress leaders and netizens shared the video and took potshots at the MP.

Meanwhile, Surya on Thursday claimed that his constituency of Bengaluru South was largely unaffected by the flooding, and accused the Congress party of defaming ‘Brand Bengaluru’.

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