BJP trying to turn Coastal Karnataka into Laboratory of Hindutva – Siddaramaiah

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BJP trying to turn Coastal Karnataka into Laboratory of Hindutva – Siddaramaiah

Udupi: “The ruling BJP is trying to turn coastal Karnataka into a laboratory of Hindutva for political gain”, said the former CM Siddaramaiah during the Prajadhwani Yatra held in Udupi here, on January 22.

Addressing the gathering Siddaramaiah said, “BJP is spreading lies in the name of Hindutva to cause division in society. Hinduism and Hindutva are entirely different. people have realised the mindset of the BJP. Congress believes in spreading love among the people regardless of their religion”.

Siddaramaiah further said. “While Hindus believe in humanity, the supporters of Hindutva oppose it. The RSS and the BJP which promoted Hindutva did not believe in the Constitution. None of the RSS or the present BJP leaders participated in the freedom struggle. Show me, anyone. I urge the youth of this coastal region should not to fall prey to the communal designs of the BJP and the RSS. Vinayak Damodar Savarkar was the founder of Hindutva. The BJP and the RSS revered Godse and Savarkar. Savarkar wrote apology letters to the then-British administration five times from jail. He got a monthly pension from the British administration”.

Siddaramaiah also said, “I appeal to the misguided youth in the coastal belt to not get lured by the designs of Hindutva forces which wants the coastal belt to remain a Hindutva laboratory,” he said adding that the Congress opposed Hindutva and not Hindus.

Claiming that the Congress was the only secular party in the country, the former CM said that Nathuram Godse who killed Mahatma Gandhi was the first terrorist. Congress leaders Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi were victims of terrorism.

“The Congress government led by him had not released any PFI or SDPI activists involved in criminal activities or communal violence from jail as claimed by the BJP leaders. The BJP was making baseless allegations in this regard. The Union government banned only the PFI leaving its political wing SDPI out of the ban to ensure that the votes get divided”, said the former CM.

KPCC president D K Shivakumar said, “We are aware of the difficulties of all families especially the women, who bear the brunt of running households. While 200 units of free power under Grihajyoti is the first promise, the second is Rs 2,000 each, a monthly payment to women under Grihalaksmi. The BJP has to face the 2023 elections under the leadership of PM Modi and national leaders because the Bommai government has miserably failed in all fields. The state government has failed to deliver on its promises and desperately needs its national leaders. The BJP neither fulfilled the assurances it gave to the people nor has it been able to contain skyrocketing prices”.

Speaking on the occasion, Karnataka State in-charge Randeep Singh Surjewala said that the agenda of the State government led by the BJP is to nurture “communalism, corruption and commission.

MLC BK Hariprasad, former CM Veerappa Moily, MLAs U T Khader, Manjunath Bhandary, former minister Vijay Kumar Sorake, Abhayachandra Jain, former MLAs Gopal Poojary, Shakunthala Shetty, Ivan D’Souza, Prathapchandra Shetty, AICC Secretary Rozy John, Congress leaders Pushpa Amarnath, Ashok Kumar Kodavoor, Ramesh Kanchan, Prakayath Shetty, Habib Ali, Amrith Shenoy, M A Gafoor, Krishnamoorthy Acharya, Ashok Poojary, Raju Poojary, Prashanth Jatthanna, Veronica Cornelio, Roshni Oliver, Dr Sunitha Shetty, Saurabh Ballal, Deepak Kotian and others were present.

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