B’luru man alleges ‘love jihad’, accuses friend of brainwashing wife

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B’luru man alleges ‘love jihad’, accuses friend of brainwashing wife

Bengaluru: In a case of alleged ‘love jihad’, a man here has accused his own friend of brainwashing his wife and ‘snatching’ her away.

The case came to light on Thursday when Ajith, a private factory worker, alleged that his wife has become a victim of ‘love jihad’. The two have been married for three years.

He said that Salman, his family friend, had intervened and addressed differences between his (Ajith’s) wife and him as a well-wisher. Ajith alleges that Salman had secretly brainwashed her and developed a relationship with his wife

The affair had come to light when Ajith received photos of Salman and his wife in a semi-nude state.

Ajith, a resident of Hosaguddadahalli, said he was shocked as the woman was his childhood love. The two had married amid stiff opposition from their parents. They married in August 2020 at a sub-registrar’s office.

Salman was also known to Ajith since childhood and both were friends and worked together at a factory also.

Ajith had gone to Tamil Nadu with Salman and he used his mobile to call his wife. He had also asked her to make calls on Salman’s phone. Ajith alleges that Salman started making calls to his wife and got close to her. Salman started visiting Ajith’s house and referred to his wife as his sister. Salman used to intervene and solve the quarrels between the couple.

In April Ajith’s wife went to her parent’s house and later refused to come back to him. Ajith pleaded with her to come back to him and even beat her. After this incident, he got the photos of his wife romancing with Salman.

When Ajith questioned her about the photographs, his wife demanded a divorce from him. He alleges that his wife is openly claiming that she wants to be with Salman.

Ajith has alleged that his wife has become the victim of love jihad. He says that Salman had got close to his wife by first calling her his sister and later brainwashing her and was now making her personal and private moments photos viral.

Ajith’s wife reacting to the incident stated that Salman was introduced to her by her husband. She claimed that Salman was giving her peace of mind. Salman has also come out in the open and stated that there was no intention of brainwashing his friend’s wife. “There is no such thing as love jihad in this case,” he said.

However, Hindu activists have condemned the incident and requested the wife to return to her husband. They claimed that she is a victim of love jihad and warned that she will repent her decision in future. The police are yet to receive a complaint in this regard.

More details are yet to emerge in the case.

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